24 Interesting Facts about Julius Caesar – Biography | Contributions

24 Interesting Facts about Julius Caesar – Biography | Contributions

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2021)

There are many interesting facts about Julius Caesar. If we study history, Gaius Julius Caesar (100 BC – 44 BC) was a Roman normal and politician who is among the most famous figures of historic Rome. He is taken into account one of many best army commanders in history with victories in quite a few campaigns, most prominently his conquest of Gaul. In his political profession, Caesar rose by way of the ranks to first unofficially rule Rome as a part of the First Triumvirate after which develop into probably the most highly effective man within the Roman Republic with the title of a dictator in perpetuity.

Interesting Facts about Julius Caesar

He carried out many necessary reforms throughout his time because the undisputed leader of Rome, together with measures to alleviate the poor. Here are the 10 main accomplishments and achievements of Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar, a notable statesman, normal, and writer of Latin prose, was immortalized by Shakespeare’s play of the identical name.

Much about Caesar’s life is thought from his personal accounts of his army campaigns and another source together with the letters and speeches of Cicero and the historic writings of Sallust.

Let us learn about this exceptional man of history who mentioned “Veni. Vidi. Vici.”

1. He was a number one Roman orator and prose writer throughout his time

During his lifetime, Julius Caesar was considered the most effective orators and prose authors in Latin.

Among his well-known orations is laudatio Iuliae amitae, a funeral oration to honor his deceased aunt Julia, this is one of the interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

Works wrote by Julius Caesar embrace Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic War); Commentarii de Bello Civili (Commentaries on the Civil War); and Anticato.

Caesar’s oratory skills and accounts of the battle have been necessary for enhancing his fame.

Also, his Gallic War account has been a mainstay in Latin instruction due to its easy, direct prose, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

It is historically the first genuine textual content assigned to college students of Latin. Julius Caesar additionally wrote a number of poems however none of them survives.

2. Cleopatra and Caesar’s Son

While in Egypt, Caesar and Cleopatra turned romantically concerned, and consequently, she gave a start to a boy, Ptolemy Caesar. It is strongly believed that Ptolemy was Caesar’s little one.

3. Julius Caesar is taken into account as one of many best army commanders in history

Julius Caesar started his army service with the Siege of Mytilene (81 BC) and gained the Civic Crown, the 2nd highest army ornament for a citizen. During the Gallic Wars, he invaded Britain twice and put in a king there who was pleasant to Rome.

He was concerned in a number of battles in opposition to Pompey and the Roman senate through the Great Roman Civil War (49–45 BC). He famously defeated Pompey, who was himself identified for his army exploits, on the decisive Battle of Pharsalus (48 BC) regardless of being outnumbered 2:1.

Apart from successful the civil battle in opposition to numerically superior opponents, Caesar additionally defeated Egyptian pharaoh, Ptolemy XIII, within the Battle of the Nile (47 BC) and put in Cleopatra as Queen of Egypt. For his exploits, Caesar is taken into account one of many best army commanders in history.

4. Adoption

Although not confirmed, Caesar had a son with Cleopatra named Ptolemy. He being an Egyptian, Julius needed to undertake a nephew, Octavian, in his will. Octavian was to take the throne of the Roman Empire.

24. Backstabbing

The story of the place Julius was backstabbed by his personal people is immensely well-liked. He was put to loss of life by The Roman Senators who have been bored with his control over them.

6. Julius Caesar rose by way of the ranks to develop into consul of Rome in 59 BC

Julius Caesar was born in a family that was not very politically influential, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

However, attributable to his army achievements in addition to his skills as an orator and politician, he turned a distinguished determine in Rome.

He progressed inside the Roman political system changing into quaestor in 69 BC, aedile in 65 BC, and praetor in 62 BC.

In 60 BC, Caesar entered into an unofficial political alliance with Crassus, an army normal and politician cited because the wealthiest man in Roman history; and Pompey, a distinguished political leader most identified for his army exploits.

Known because the First Triumvirate, the alliance allowed the three males to unofficially reign over the Roman Republic.

Part of the settlement was to nominate (in 59 BC) Julius Caesar as consul, the very best political work within the Roman Republic, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

7. He was probably the most highly effective man within the Roman Republic

The First Triumvirate ended with the loss of life of Crassus in 53 BC, following which Pompey realigned himself with the Roman senate and opposed Caesar.

This led to the Great Roman Civil War (49–45 BC) through which Caesar in the end defeated Pompey and his supporters within the Senate to develop into the undisputed leader of Rome.

In the Roman Republic, a dictator was a workplace that was given huge-ranging powers, principally in instances of emergency, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

Caesar was first appointed dictator in 49 BC. In 44 BC, after he had crushed the final resistance of Pompey’s supporters, Caesar was appointed dictator perpetuo (dictator in perpetuity).

He additionally held the tribunician energy for an indefinite interval, which prevented the opposite tribunes from interfering together with his actions.

Born on July 13, B.C. 100, his name was, actually, Gaius.

8. A Prolific Writer

Not solely was Julius an excellent statesman, he was a prolific author too. His curiosity in writing included multifarious genres. This integrated poetry as effectively!

9. Roman Calendar

Not solely did Julius add the idea of leap year within the Julius calendar, the month of July is known as after Julius Caesar too.

The Julius Calendar remained the usual relationship calendar for over 1500 years and likewise influenced the Gregorian calendar which we use right this moment.

10. Kidnapped by Pirates

In 75 B.C., Caesar set out from Rome for the Aegean island of Rhodes, the place he deliberates to review with Apollonius, a Greek rhetorician.

However, on the best way to Rhodes, Caesar’s ship was hijacked by pirates off the southwestern coast of Asia Minor.

Caesar felt insulted when the pirates requested a ransom which he thought was low and as an alternative was launched when a larger sum was demanded.

11. Male lovers

A lesser identified reality is that Caesar was taunted with the price of getting a love affair with King Nicomedes of Bithynia, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

12. Civil war

The origin of The Civil War lies with Julius’ refusal to obey the command of the Senate and as an alternative main his troops throughout the Rubicon River.

13. His best army achievement is taken into account his conquest of Gaul

Julius Caesar’s most well-known army achievement was his conquest of Gaul. He led Rome of their battle in opposition to the native tribes of Gaul, who have been feared by the Romans.

The Gallic tribes have been militarily as robust because of the Romans with their cavalry being in all probability superior. However, Caesar took benefit of the interior divisions among the many tribes.

The well-known chieftain of the Arverni tribe, Vercingetorix, did unite the Gauls in opposition to the Roman invasion within the final part of the battle however his effort got here too late.

Victory within the Gallic Wars (58 BC – 50 BC) prolonged the Roman Republic over the entire of Gaul (present-day France and Belgium).

It was of appreciable significance because the Gallic tribes had attacked the Romans a number of instances and likewise as a result of it allowed Rome to save its natural border of the river Rhine.

14. Matter Over Mind

Yes, he consented to develop into a priest! But finally selected his army profession over his religious one.

15. Never a Roman Emperor

Julius himself was by no means an official Roman Emperor. His adopted son, Octavian, was the first Roman Emperor, in response to “The Annals of Imperial Rome” by Tacitus.

16. Surrounded By The Sickness

There is evidence to point out that Caesar had epilepsy and likewise might have had tapeworms, years before he died.

17. His most well-known reform is the introduction of the Julian calendar

The odd year within the Roman calendar consisted of 12 months, for a complete of 355 days. A 13th intercalary month of 27 or 28 days was added in some years to make the calendar observe the seasons.

The Roman calendar was not solely inaccurate but additionally manipulated for political functions with intercalations not occurring systematically, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar changed this calendar with a one based mostly on the Egyptian calendar, which was regulated by the solar. He set the size of the year to 365.25 days by including an intercalary day on the finish of February each fourth year.

The Julian calendar began on 1st January 45 BC and it remained the predominant calendar in most of Europe until the Gregorian calendar, probably the most extensively utilized in right this moment’s world, barely refined it by making a 0.002% correction within the size of the year.

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18. Julius Caesar took a variety of well-liked measures to alleviate the poor

Caesar based new settlements for the veterans of his military. He distributed land to around 20,000 poor households that had three or more kids.

To cope with widespread unemployment, he provided people jobs in public works just like the reparation of historic cities.

He mandated that giant landowners have been to have at the least one-third of their laborers as freemen as an alternative to slaves, thus lowering unemployment.

He canceled an entire year of a lease for low to reasonable dwellings giving a lot needed reduction to poor tenants, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

He elevated duties on luxurious imports to make the wealthy pay for his or their lavish existence and to encourage home manufacturing. Caesar additionally canceled the curiosity due because the starting of the civil battle which in the end eradicated a couple of fourth of all excellent debt.

19. The historic cities of Carthage and Corinth have been rebuilt on his orders

Carthage was the capital city of the traditional Carthaginian civilization. The historic city was destroyed by the Roman Republic within the Third Punic War in 146 BC. A brand new city of Carthage was constructed on the identical land by Julius Caesar within the interval from 49 to 44 BC.

By the tip of the first century, the Roman Carthage turned into the second-largest city within the western half of the Roman Empire, with a peak number of inhabitants of 500,000.

The historic Greek city of Corinth, which had additionally been destroyed by the Romans, was additionally rebuilt by Julius Caesar.

Many development tasks have been carried out underneath Caesar together with the well-known Forum of Caesar with its Temple of Venus Genetrix.

20. He initiated the combination of Roman territories outdoors Italy

Due to the Social War (91–88 BC), people outdoors Italy weren’t thought-about “Roman” and thus weren’t given full citizenship rights.

Caesar began the process to fuse the Roman Empire right into a single unit by being beneficent in granting Roman citizenship to these outdoors Italy. Like, in 49 BC, all inhabitants of Cisalpine Gaul obtained Roman citizenship.

This process of integrating the Roman Empire was accomplished by his adopted son and the first Roman Emperor, Augustus. Julius Caesar additionally regulated and systematized municipal authorities all through Italy.

21. Mystery Behind The Birth

Julius was not born underneath a C-section in response to the favored perception. In reality, C-section was solely carried out in case of emergency or when the mom was dying to at the least save the kid.

22. Love Life of Julius

Caesar had three wives throughout his lifetime aside from different mistresses and love pursuits together with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII and a lady named Servilia, whose son was Marcus Brutus.

23. He took steps to mitigate the financial disaster in Rome

When Caesar turned dictator, Rome was experiencing financial crises because of the civil wars which had taken place lately. The actual property values had collapsed and there was a scarcity of coinage attributable to hoarding.

Julius Caesar ordered that property should be accepted for compensation at its pre-war worth and reinstated an earlier regulation that forbade the holding of more than 60,000 sesterces in money by anybody particular person.

He additionally handed a regulation that placed restrictions on ostentatious apparel, funeral prices, and banquets, interesting facts about Julius Caesar.

24. Last Statement

Contrary to the favored perception, Julius’ final phrases weren’t “Et tu, Brute?”. Most Koreans nevertheless imagine that nothing was mentioned by him throughout his assassination.

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