Muhammed Ali Ansary – M A Ansary Montu Contributions & Facts

Muhammed Ali Ansary – M A Ansary Montu Contributions & Facts

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Muhammed Ali Ansary (1948-2011), M. A. Ansary, M A Ansary, nicknamed Montu, was a famous personality in Jhenaidah district, Bangladesh for his manifold talents and qualities for the people, society, and the nation as a whole.

About M A Ansary, Muhammed Ali Ansary

After completing his education and LLB, MA Ansary began his career in Advocacy. Simultaneously, he involved himself in journalism in the year 1978 with The Bangladesh Times as the Jhenidah correspondent. At that time, it was great to work in an English Dailies.

Later, he began his career as the district correspondent, The Independent in the year 1999 after the shutdown of the Bangladesh Times. This lion-hearted social reformer & activist had versatile involvement during his lifetime.

He had performed roles as the president, Jhenidah press club for ten times; Public Prosecutor (PP); human rights activist; founder-editor, local daily the Nobogonga; secretary, Jhenidah Public Library; founder secretary, Agrani Samity; college teacher, a veteran politician, and in some other notable positions.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

Birth of Muhammed Ali Ansary

Muhammed Ali Ansary was born in 1948 in Jhenaidah.

Parents of M A Ansary

The Father of M A Ansary was Mowlana Ramzan Ali Ansary whereas his mother was Monzar Ali Ansary.

MA Ansary’s father, Moulana Ramzan Ali Ansary, was an educated business person and religious personality, who acquired a huge property during his time. He died from a cardiac attack when M A Ansary Montu was only 2 years old.

Monzar Ali Ansary, who was a primary school teacher, served Jhenidah Seba Sangha Govt. Primary School and did not marry again in order to successfully take care of her children. She had to sell out most of the property of her deceased husband one after another in order to maintain a livelihood and educate her children. She died in 1992 from diabetes and other old-age complications.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

Education and learning

M A Ansary pursued his SSC from Jhenaidah Model School (Present, Jhenaidah Govt High School), HSC from Jhenaidah College, and BA (Hons), MA from the Rajshahi University in the Department of Political Science.

Since childhood, he was meritorious and had an ardent learner. He could capture most of the words of the English dictionary by his heart.

Siblings of M. A. Ansary

Muhammed Ali Ansary had one elder brother Dr. Ahammed Ali Ansary (Badshah), and one elder sister Jahanara Khatun Begum (Begum), from several others who died in their childhood. However, both his brother and sister are also no more today.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

Marriage Life

In 1978, M A Ansary was married to Nazezda Nahar, who was a Govt School teacher and later on retired in 2008 as the Head Master of Jhenaidah Govt Boys School.


Muhammed Ali Ansary has two sons, Ahemed Shamim Ansary Hiron (Sumon) and Ahemed Nasim Ansary Hiron (Hiron). Both are successful in their professional pursuits.

An honest Lawyer

Muhammed Ali Ansary was a lawyer and served this profession for more than 33 years with reputation and honesty.

However, it was not his mainstream “profession” as he found it was very hard to honestly generate income from it since he was to handle many cases on behalf of many criminals that he used to refuse.

A record 10 times President of the Jhenaidah Press Club

Muhammed Ali Ansary was elected as the President for a record 10 times in Jhenaidah Press Club for his unprecedented popularity, remarkable steadfastness, courageous gesture, exemplary honesty, and bold personality.

He had a great role in improving the constitution and operation manual of the club. He had zero tolerance in the area of honesty of the fellow journalists as he represented himself from the front.

He continuously contributed to the development of the journalists, increased members of the club, and improved credibility and trust among the people.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

M A Ansary also led the expansion of the club’s construction work and extended it with a two-storied building, as well as some shops in order to facilitate a permanent, fixed income for the club officials.

Muhammed Ali Ansary was also elected Secretary of the Club several times as well.

Social Activist and Reformer

During the later part of life, M A Ansary concentrated on his role as a Human Rights activist for a long time.

His analyses, initiatives, presentation, and reports, was lavishly praised by the central management in the whole country.

Founder Secretary of Jhenaidah Agrani Samiti

MA Ansary was the founder secretary of Jhenaidah Agrani Samity in order to guide and support the youth of the surrounding areas in the constructive pursuit.

Founder Editor of Dainik Nabogonga (Daily Newspaper)

M A Ansary also contributed as the Editor of Dainik Nobogonga, published from Jhenaidah.

He worked for this newspaper actively for several years until its closure for some reason. MA Ansary Montu also worked with the Daily Jhenaidah for some time in life.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

A lifelong Journalist

He worked as the District Correspondent of The Bangladesh Times, and The Independent respectively in his career.

He had a passion to work for English Dailies and refused many offers to work with Bengali Dailies as a correspondent.

Rather, he left many opportunities for other co journalists and young reporters. In his lifetime, he developed many promising journalists as his apprentices, who are now successfully working in different newspapers.

Secretary of Jhenaidah Public Library

Mr. M. A. Ansary also worked as a Secretary of Jhenaidah Public Library, in order to disseminate education and learning among the common people in Jhenaidah.

By his hand, the Library was expanded greatly in the number of books, readers, capacity as well as constructing buildings.

Teaching for sometimes

M A Ansary contributed to the then Putia College, Chattagram as the Lecturer in the Department of Political Science for some time.

However, because of his homesickness, he couldn’t continue this profession for long and returned to his motherland to try something else.

MA Ansary M A Ansary M. A. Ansary Montu Muhammed Ali Ansary

Love for Motherland

He had immense love, affection, and a soft corner for Jhenaidah, where he was born. In order to stay in the lap of Jhenaidah, M. A. Ansary left behind many opportunities and prospects for his personal gain in life. He confidently stands out to contribute to Jhenaidah, and for the people.


M A Ansary died of a heart attack on 11 October 2011 at the age of 63 when he was on duty for collecting news on cattle smuggling in Maheshpur Upazila in Jhenaidah, near the Bangladesh-India border.

Muhammed Ali Ansary is laid in Jhenaidah Central Graveyard beside his mother, father, and some other relatives.

Other Contributions

M A Ansary was a notable figure in Jhenaidah. Apart from all the mentioned contributions, M. A. Ansary also helped many people in his lifetime. He didn’t like to keep the records but was lavish in charity.

He took many cases from the poor almost free of charge as the Lawyer. As a journalist, he was very much honest and tried to help people with facts and authentic news.

He also played a role in renaming many famous institutions in Jhenaidah, for Example, Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman Stadium.

He left many opportunities for others as a philosophy of his life. He was constructive and always was with truth.

Boldness was one of his traits that he applied to every aspect of his social, professional, and personal life.

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