29 Anna Lappé Interesting Profile and Biography Facts

29 Anna Lappé Interesting Profile and Biography Facts

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2021)

With her motto, Food+Farming, Future of Food, and Sustainability, Anna Lappé is an American author and educator, and popular prolific writer as well as expert advocate on food and nutrition for sustainability and justice, as well as the food chain, and n advisor to funders investing in food system transformation.

In this article, I am going to talk about Anna Lappé interesting profile and biography facts that you must enjoy.

Anna Lappé interesting facts

Let’s find below some of the Anna Lappé interesting facts:

1. Born

Anna Lappé was born in 1973 in the USA.

2. Parents

Her mother is Frances Moore Lappé, a prominent author, and Marc Lappé, a famous Toxicologist.

3. Childhood

Her childhood passed with family education and encouragement. Anna Lappé passed her time in the farmhouse and in the lap of nature. Since her mother was a prominent writer, Lappé got motivation from her mother io to inherit writing.

Moreover, she receives motivation about sustainability, food, agriculture, and nature, since Lappé’s father was a Toxicologist.

4. Residence

Anna Lappé lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

5. Children

Anna Lappé has two daughters.

6. Sibling

The name of her brother is Anthony Lappé, who is the Executive Producer at A+E Networks, studied at Columbia University, and lives in New York.

7. Education

Anna Lappé pursues her M.A. from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in Economic and Political Development whereas graduated with honors from Brown University, a leading research university.

8. First Book

Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet, published in 2002 and coauthored with her mother

9. First Research Trip

Anna Lappé made her first research trip with her mother Frances Moore Lappé in 1977 in Guatemala, at her 4 years of age. She passed several fantastic moments with her mother

10. Research Trips

In order to propagate her research on sustainable agriculture, Anna Lappé has visited many countries, including South Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Poland, France, China, Italy, Mali, Kenya, Botswana, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Zimbabwe.

11. First innovator

Anna Lappé is the foremost “Innovator” in 2010, as she works with the Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming.

12. Entrepreneurship

Anna Lappé has co-founded several ventures such as Small Planet Institute, Small Planet Fund, and Food Myths.

Anna Lappé

13. Nobel Prize for her venture

Lappé’s co-founded venture Small Planet Fund in 2002, which has raised nearly $1 million for democratic social movements worldwide, two of the movements have won the Nobel Peace Prize since the Fund’s inception.

14. 50 years celebration

During the period of lockdown, being separated, she helped her mother celebrating the 50th anniversary of mother’s first book, Diet for A Small Planet (1970).

15. Leadership

She is a James Beard Leadership awardee for her contribution and authorship.

16. Featured in popular magazines

She has been featured in renowned magazines like Washington Post, The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, TIME, etc.

17. Participated in more than 500 events in a year

Lappé is very communicative and builds her community with a view to disseminate her knowledge. philosophies and learning. She participates in many programs, events, keynote speeches, food festivals, talk shows, university lectures, and the number can be more than 500 events in a year.

18. Popular media appearance

As a part of her natural communicative nature, Lappé regularly participates in TV and radio events.

19. Travel

Anna Lappé loves traveling and she has visited many places and countries as a part of her research, profession, and hobby. She has visited more than 25 countries and 100 U.S. cities.

20. Raising donation and grant

In her more than 20+ years of organizing career, Anna Lappé has been able to raise $11 million to the area of advocacy for food justice and sustainability in and around many countries.

21. Social works

Among many other organizations, Anna has been active with Rainforest Action Network, Castanea Fellowship, Food and Farm Communications Fund, Food Chain Workers Alliance, as well as Mesa Refuge in order to impart her role in sustainability.

22. Popularity

Her TEDx talks and FoodMythBuster videos have been viewed more than 2 million times.

23. Eclection savvy

In her social media, she seems to be interested in the presidential election of 2020 by awarding her fans and sharing her opinions. From this we may say, she is concerned about politics and the fate of American citizens.

24. Against Junk food

Anna Lappé is against junk food, especially for children, and shared campaigns on this on her website.

25. Fight for organic food for all

Anna Lappé is always in favor of organic food for all and most of her books, lectures, and campaigns are with that vision. She understands well organic food is the only way of sustainability and asks questions, do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

26. The Pacific Declaration

Anna Lappé extensively runs campaigns and in order to alert stakeholders with statements on genetic engineering. The Pacific Declaration is a cautionary statement on genetic engineering. As scientists, ethicists, botanists, and more, they were concerned about the impacts of genetic engineering of seeds and beyond. 

27. Support for fire victims

Anna Lappé thinks the scale of the crisis all around us is overwhelming but we can do what we can to offer direct support to those who need it most right now, she has been associated with GoFundMe supporting campaign for the victims.

28. Respects for teachers

Anna Lappé has great respect for teachers. She declares her feeling the desire to shout to the universe her undying appreciation for teachers!

Every day, she finds and hears her kids’ teachers doing such an amazing job in the most impossible of circumstances, welcoming kids into space, adding in silliness and laughter, teaching lessons big and small, academic, and social/emotional.

Wishing the teachers, she sends a huge appreciation for their effort in making such a big difference for so many kids during COVID.

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29. Active in social media with good initiatives

In her social media, Anna Lappé actively participates, conducts, and shares good initiatives. She leads the campaign, shares achievements done by others, and encourage everyone for doing good. This is a true sign of great leadership she demonstrates and sets learning examples to all of us to use social media properly for the benefit of people.