25 Interesting Facts about American Swimmer Ryan Lochte

25 Interesting Facts about American Swimmer Ryan Lochte

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Ryan Steven Lochte is an American National team swimmer as well as 12-time Olympic medalists, holds the 200m individual medley in a long and short course in his bag. He belongs to the University of Florida College team. With his charismatic performance, Lochte is the second-most adorned swimmer in Olympic history just behind Michael Phelps.

Interesting Facts About Ryan Lochte

In this article, I am going to talk about Ryan Lochte’s interesting, fun, biography and profile facts.

1. Born

He was born on Tuesday, August 3, 1984, in Rochester, New York, United States.

2. Parents

The name of Lothe’s mother is Ileana “Ike” (née Aramburu), a Cuban but born and raised in Havana, while his father is Steven R. Lochte, of Dutch, English, and German descent. They had 5 children, and Ryan is the 3rd child of his parents.

3. Siblings

Lotche has two older sisters, naming Kristin Lochte and Megan Lochte, as well as two younger brothers, Devon Lochte and Brandon Lochte.

4. Height

Height of Ryan Steven Lochte  is 6 ft 2 in, which is equivalent to 188 cm. It is comparatively easy for a taller person to do good in swimming

5. Weight

The weight of Ryan Steven Lochte is  195 lb, which is equivalent to 88 kg. A consolidated weight is good for a swimmer, and Lotche is an example of perfection.

6. The first swimming coach

The first swimming coach was his father. His father had a goal to make his son a swimmer and at Ryan’s 12 years of age, he coached Ryan’s swimming. We can say the inspiration and learning from his father made Ryan so impressive as he grew up to the international level.

7. Ryan Lochte Education

He pursued his education in Bloomfield Central Schools, Spruce Creek High School, and the University of Florida, in Sport Management major.

8. Inspired from Failure

Ryan lost at the Junior Olympics in his school days while he was 14. This defeat dramatically changed his attitude and perspective on swimming. He was so shocked and committed that, with his hard labor and dedication he restored his reputation next, and never lost again in the same game.

9. Favourite  Strokes

His favorite Strokes are Backstroke, freestyle, and individual medley.

10. Married Life

Ryan Lochte is married to Kayla Rae Reid in 2018. She has 5’7″ in height and belongs to Fairfax.

11. Children

He has2 children, a son  Caiden Zane Lochte, born on 8th June 2017, and a daughter Liv Rae, born on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. The couple is expecting again!

12. Net Worth

Ryan Lochte’s estimated net worth is $8 million.

13. 12 in 12

He is a professional swimmer who won his first Olympic Gold Medal in 2004 at the age of just 20. In total, Ryan has won 12 Olympic Gold Medals in 12 years between 2004 and 2016. He appeared in the 4 Olympics so far and the Tokyo in 2020 is to be the 5th.

14. Morning doesn’t show the day!

Ryan was not serious about swimming until he was not in junior high school. Out of his reluctance, Ryan used to roam around out of the swimming pool, not inside. As punishment, he used to be sent to the shower most of the time.

15. Promising College career

While he was at the University of Florida, Lochte clinched the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Swimmer of the Year 2 times. Moreover, he shone as a seven-time NCAA champion, a seven-time Southeastern Conference (SEC) champion, as well as a 24-time All-American.

He was so consistent that during his second year in the college in 2006, Lochte won national titles in all three of his individual events, in NCAA Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships, with an Open and American record in the 200-yard individual medley as well as the 200-yard backstroke. Subsequently, Lotche also overturned the almost decade-old NCAA record set by Tom Dolan in the 400-yard individual medley.

16. Suspension from swimming

Subject to an allegation of receiving a ‘prohibited intravenous infusion’, The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had imposed a 14-month suspension from any competition on Lochte On July 23, 2018. Although Lotche has denied the allegation.

Earlier in 2016, he was also suspended for 10 months and the 2017 World Championships over a gas station incident.

17. A coaching career

In order to capitalize on his dynamic swimming career, SPIRE Institute and Academy have appointed Lochte to become their international swimming ambassador and coath in February 2020  in order that Lotche can lead and instruct select classes and disseminate his knowledge and success tricks. According to his role, Lotche, will be working for the contribution of the Academy’s personal performance, athletic abilities, and competitive advantage of student-athletes.

18. Successful media and pop appearances

Lotche has been popular with his fame for appearing on many TV shows, pop culture, reality shows, swim, dance, interviews, competitions, movies, series, magazine covers, and whatnot! According to Forbes, Lotche earned $ 2.5 million from endorsements with Vogue, Time, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal.

ryan lochte

19. A responsible family member

Lotche is a responsible family member and at any cost determined to keep his family happy, protected, and safe. The divorce of his parents in 2011 and remarriage of his father was shocking but now he has recovered and the parents are happy. He mentioned with magazine People, he will do anything for his family.

20. Reconciliation with mother

Followed by some objectionable and sharp comment from his mother, Lotche did not talk to her for years. However the issue is settled now.

21. Lesson on singing?

Singer John Legend takes a swimming lesson in his backyard from Lotche. Kayla Rae Lochte, Lochte’s wife joked on the issue saying now Lotche needs some singing lessons from John Legend.

22. Appendicitis surgery

In 2020, Ryan Lochte has appendicitis surgery and has recovered from this. It was in fact a very hernia in his belly button area.

23. Decline in finance

Due to several suspensions, scandals, loss of sponsors, and strike on his career, the financial condition of the second-ranked swimmer in the world, has been forced to downsize from a 4,200 square-foot apartment to a 1,800 square-foot flat, as of 2019. At that time, the annual salary of Lotche has been gone down from “well over $1 million” to $75,000 per year.

24. No 1 gold medal is missing

According to Lotche, his first individual Olympic title achieved in 2008 has gone missing in 2018. It was a mess as he has lost his emotional past and achievement.

25. “In Deep With Ryan Lochte”

Lotche has been featured in a documentary named “In Deep With Ryan Lochte” by NBCUniversal in 2o2o, will explore his much-discussed scandal during Rio De Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

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