30 Interesting Fidel Castro Facts to Know Him More

30 Interesting Fidel Castro Facts to Know Him More

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

“We will talk and we will help ourselves in a dignified manner in cases of disaster,”– cited by Fidel Castro who is famous for his patriotism, hardship, determination, struggle as well as many other facts. Being the revolutionary and charismatic leader of Cuba, he successfully founded the 1st Communist state in the Western Hemisphere.

Fidel Alejandro Castro was a Cuban revolutionary and political legend, Prime Minister (1959-1976), and the President (1976-2008) with his bravery, prudence, and leadership.

Interesting Fidel Castro Facts

This article will give an overview of Fidel Castro Facts.

1. Born

Fidel Castro was born on Friday 13 August 1926 in Birán, Cuba

2. Parents

Fidel was one of the seven children his parents had.

His father was Ángel Castro y Argiz, who was a veteran of the Spanish–American War, and later a sugarcane farmer. His mother was, Lina Ruz González.

3. Out of the study

Castro had intense an interest in history, geography, and debating at Belén, but failed to excel academically. Rather, his interest was in sports.

4. Married Life

He was married to two women, Mirta Diaz-Balart (m. 1948; div. 1955)​; and Dalia Soto del Valle (m. 1980)

5. Children

He had a total of 11 children, among them, Alina Fernández, Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, Francisca Pupo, Alex Castro-Soto, Antonio Castro-Soto, Jorge Angel Castro, Alejandro Castro-Soto, Angel Castro-Soto, Alexis Castro-Soto are notable.

6. Nickname

His nickname was ‎”El Caballo”

7. Longest Speech of the United Nations!

With 5 hours 24 minutes, Fidel Castro holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest speech in the United Nations. His longest speech in Cuba was hours and hours of 10 minutes, which he preached in 1986.

8. A bullying student

At La Slay boarding school in Santiago, he regularly abused classmates and teaching staff, which was one of the interesting Fidel Castro Facts.

9. “Honesty, Decency and Justice”

While studying law at the University of Havana, he was involved with student politics, and run a campaign for anti-imperialism and opposing U.S. intervention in the Caribbean, as well as for the presidency of the Federation of University Students.

10. A sugarcane farm by born

He was born to Angel Castro y Argyz, who had been successful with his a sugarcane farm in Birin, Holguin. By born, Castro got ownership of the farm in order to lead the whole family life decently.

11. No more smoking

He grew his self-consciousness. Once he used to puff cigars regularly, but in 1985 he quit smoking and mentioned the harm of smoking tobacco – the best thing you can do with this cigar box is to give it to your enemy.

12. For Whom the Bell Tolls

The book For Whom the Bell Tolls depicts the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s, which is one of the interesting Fidel Castro Facts.

13. 638 Ways to Kill Castro

The Wikipedia says several unsuccessful attempts were made by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency in order to assassinate Fidel Castro while his tenure as the President of Cuba.

on 28 November 2006, a Channel 4 documentary film was broadcast in the United Kingdom named, 638 Ways to Kill Castro depicts the tell about some of the unlimited assassination attempts of the Central Intelligence Agency in order to kill Fidel Castro.

A good relationship with the Soviet Union made the United States hostile.

14. Long run state administration

Fidel Castro was the longest-serving president after the Queen of Britain and the King of Thailand. He served 47 years in Cuba as president.

15. “A” and Sons

He had five sons from his second wife, Dalia Soto, with the exception of his eldest son, Fidel Castro Diaz-Ballarat (from his first wife), and all their names start with this.

16. Bearing the brand beard

He started wearing a beard as a young guerrilla warrior living in the mountains and he mentions the reason- if you count 15 minutes a day for shaving, you spend five thousand minutes a year shaving. He added that he would rather spend some more significant work.

17. Ubre Blanca Agronomy

Fidel Castro had a pet cow named Ubre Blanca (c. 1972–1985) that produced a lot of milk and is in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest yield of milk in a day (5 liters).

Fidel Castro symbolizes his efforts to modernize Cuba’s agronomy, with the cow, the Voisin pasture system, “Cordón de La Habana” coffee plantations, and the microjet irrigation system.

Fidel Castro Facts

18. Immigration from Spain

His father migrated to Cuba from Galicia, Spain, and cultivated sugarcane, which eventually led him to succeed financially.

19. Political parties

The name of his mainstream political party is the Communist Party of Cuba (1965–2016).

Castro joined the Party of the Cuban People (Partido Ortodoxo), In 1947, founded by experienced politician Eduardo Chibás.

However, he had some other political inclinations with the Orthodox Party (1947–1952), as well as, 26th of July Movement (1955–1965).

20. Favorite writer

Ernest Hemingway was Castro’s favorite writer and read many books

21. Interests

He used to pas his leisure time reading and playing. In order to keep himself fit, Castro used to do regular exercise.

Apart from reading books, he had an interest in gastronomy, wine, whisky, and cooking.

He has a good appetite and used to chat with his chefs about it. He has a passion for guns. He loved to live in the countryside, instead of the hullabaloo of the crowd and city life.

22. Uninterested in the music

He has no interest in music at all and it was rare he sang or listened to any.

23. Fundamental Goal

Castro’s basic goal was to establish a system that provided the basic needs of all people – enough to eat, health care, adequate housing, and education.

24. A peaceful baptized atheist

Fidel Castro was baptized at the age of 8, but he remained an atheist most of his life and became a Christian sympathizer in old age.

25. Workstyle

He was a person of har work. In his lifetime he did hard labor, Castro was named for his busy working hours, using every second of his life.

He often used to go to bed at 3 or 4 am after finishing his daily work. He kept in mind that no work should be pending for the following day.

The schedule to meet foreign diplomats was in the early hours, with a strategy that at that time the diplomats would be tired enough and he would gain the upper hand for successful negotiations with them.

26. Battlefields

During his military career for six years, (1953–59) he took part in many battles, such as the Cuban Revolution, Escambray rebellion, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Cuban Missile Crisis, Machurucuto incident, Angolan Civil War, and United States invasion of Grenada.

27. Popularity

He was a popular leader in his time

28. Death

Fidel Castro was died on Friday 25 November 2016 at the age of 90 in Havana, Cuba, and was buried in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, Santiago de Cuba.

29. Birth and Death coincidence

Castro died at the age of 90. Both his birth and death incidents occurred on Fridays

30. Post-death Announcement

Subsequently after the death of Castro, in honor of the late Cuban leader, the then government of Cuba declared a prohibition on “institutions, streets, parks or other public sites, or erecting busts, statues or other forms of tribute” in order to prevent a cult of personality that may from developing centering him.

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