11 Interesting Facts About Astrologer Nostradamus

11 Interesting Facts About Astrologer Nostradamus

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2021)

An emerging name for diving in time was Michel de Nostredame, better known in the world today as Nostradamus. It is interesting to know the facts about Nostradamus. This article will give an overview of the facts about Nostradamus.

The facts about Nostradamus

Nostradamus, a renowned was French astrologer, physician and reputed seer of the 14th century, is still famous for his long-term predictions. Let us take a look at some information about the prognosticator who wrote ‘Les Prophet:’

1. When he could not save his family

Nostradamus was married to a woman who had two children born to him while in Aizen, both his wife and children died of the plague.

Subsequently, people began to consider him unable to save his own family, which forced him to travel to different places.

Years later, while he was working in the Saloon-de-Provence against the plague, he married a wealthy widow, Ann Ponsare, who had children with him.

2. Drugs and cookbooks

In the early years of his publication, he published a book called ‘Treity-des-Ferments’ which included instructions on making hair dyes, curves and toothpaste.

In addition to food preservatives and recipes. His most famous medicine was the “Rose Pill” for the treatment of plaque.

3. Conversion to Christianity

Nostradamus was one of nine children of Notre Dame physician of Notre Dame. Although their family was primarily Jewish, their father converted to Christianity in Cresco; The Christian name is ‘Pierre’ and the nickname ‘Nostradamus’.

4. Expulsion from medical school

Nostradamus was admitted to the University of Avignon in 7 but was forced to leave a year later due to the ongoing plague. He has traveled to Italy, Spain, and France; Learn about herbal remedies and acting as a cure, treating plague sufferers.

Later, he joined ‘The University of Montpelier’ for his doctorate but was fired because the university found that he worked as an apothecary – a trade that believed to be less than a physician’s and was banned at the university.

5. Criticism in Astrology

The weather forecast for the farmers was that many of its earlier predictions after the Almanacs version proved to be false.

His clients’ failure to read birth charts or to predict their future made him the subject of criticism among his clients. It was one of the interesting facts about Nostradamus.

6. Prophecy Duke

He had the title of accurately predicting the most famous predictions, including the death of Henry II of France, Napoleon Conquest, the rise of Hitler, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the Space Shuttle Challenger crash in 1969, both Apollo Moon in 1969 and Apollo Moon.

facts about nostradamus

7. World War II and propaganda

During World War II, Joseph Goebbels ordered brochures printed that could be said to have predicted the victory of the Nazis centuries before Nostradamus.

The flyovers were distributed to all German-occupied territories; The Allies retaliated because of their own psychological turmoil.

They even showed a short film about the delayed mission known to boost the morale of American soldiers. It was one of the interesting facts about Nostradamus.

8. His last prophecy

His last prophecy is said to have been his death. On the evening of July 1, 1566, he told his secretary Jean de Chavigni, “I will not be here anymore until sunrise tomorrow,” and he was found dead on the floor next to his bed.

9. His vision is a love jam

Of all his jams, one of the most notorious is the ‘Love Jam’ based on Mandrake Fruit. He claimed that if a man transferred this jam to a woman’s face while kissing, it would prompt him to “burn his heart” to perform the act of love immediately.

10. The book was published until his death

Nostradamus began to publish his long-term prophecies in the magazine ‘Les Prophecy’ and compiled them into collections.

His first installment was published in 5. His best-known work was The Almanacs, which was published annually until his death.

11. Events from the past

Many scholars believe that Nostradamus was not a seer and his predictions were based on past events. It was one of the interesting facts about Nostradamus.

Former Cambridge linguist and professional translator Peter Lemsurier says he wrote 10 books on mysterious figures, Nostradamus was not an astrologer or could make predictions but believed in the repetition of past events.

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