132 Interesting Facts: Drew Barrymore, American Actress

132 Interesting Facts: Drew Barrymore, American Actress

Drew Blythe Barrymore, a prominent American actress and producer hailing from the Barrymore family lineage, carved her own unique path in the world of entertainment. What sets her apart from many in the industry is her early battle with addiction, which she overcame during her teenage years. Her story is a testament to resilience and determination, and she represents the fifth generation of the renowned Barrymore acting dynasty.

Interesting Facts about Drew Barrymore, an American Actress

1. ET and Beyond: The Enduring Legacy of Drew Barrymore

While Drew Barrymore is undoubtedly remembered for her iconic role in the 1980s classic “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial,” her career is a multifaceted one that spans decades. She stands as one of the most talented actresses of her generation, with a diverse range of roles that have showcased her acting prowess. Her ability to captivate audiences has solidified her place in the pantheon of Hollywood’s most accomplished figures.

2. A Troubled Past and a Complex Journey

Born in 1975 as Drew Blythe Barrymore, her childhood was marred by various challenges and difficulties. She faced the harsh spotlight of fame from a very young age, which led to a tumultuous and controversial journey. Shedding the label of a ‘child star’ was not easy, but Drew Barrymore persevered. Her transformation from a child actor into one of Hollywood’s most influential movers and shakers is a testament to her resilience and unwavering commitment to her craft.

3. Lessons from Drew Barrymore: Navigating the World of Child Stars

In light of the recent cancellation of Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet,” it is worthwhile to reflect on Drew Barrymore’s experiences outside the silver screen. Her trials and tribulations in the entertainment industry serve as a valuable lesson for both the industry and audiences alike. It prompts us to consider how society deals with other child stars, such as Millie Bobby Brown and Sophia Lillis, despite the warning signs that emerged during Barrymore’s early days. Drew’s journey is a cautionary tale that underscores the importance of providing support and guidance to young talents in the industry.

4. The Youngest Ever Host of Saturday Evening Live

It’s a widely held belief that Macaulay Culkin was the youngest host ever of the iconic US comedy sketch show, Saturday Evening Live, at the tender age of 11. However, there was someone even younger who had already made history as the show’s host. In a surprising revelation, the title of the youngest host belongs to none other than Drew Barrymore, who made her debut on the show at the astonishing age of seven, marking a significant moment in the history of Saturday Evening Live.

5. Drew Barrymore’s Early Stardom

At just seven years old, Drew Barrymore graced the stage of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, thanks to her rapid rise to fame, particularly through her role in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Accompanied by SNL regular and Police Academy star Tim Kazurinsky, this young actor chose to forgo the traditional monologue and instead fielded questions supposedly posed by the audience, showcasing her remarkable confidence and charm. Health books, guides, exercises, habits, Diets, and more

6. A Historic Feat

What’s even more remarkable is that Drew Barrymore enjoyed her SNL hosting experience so much that she went on to host the show a total of five more times, making her the first female host in the history of the show to achieve such a feat. Her enduring popularity and ability to connect with the SNL audience solidified her status as an SNL icon.

7. Beyond Hosting

In addition to her hosting duties, Drew Barrymore made cameo appearances on SNL on three separate occasions, and she even had the honor of being impersonated by renowned comedians such as Jan Hooks and Kristen Wiig. Her influence on the show and her contributions to its legacy cannot be understated.

8. Barrymore’s Turbulent Teenage Years: A Journey into the Abyss

At the tender age of 13, Drew Barrymore embarked on a tumultuous journey that would later become a poignant chapter in Hollywood history. Her life took a drastic turn as she plunged into a downward spiral of addiction and despair, setting the stage for an epic tale of redemption.

9. Early Career in Commercials: A Start to Stardom

Drew Barrymore, known for her illustrious Hollywood lineage, began her journey in the world of entertainment through pet food and cookie dough commercials. While she would eventually become a prominent figure in the film industry, her early career was rooted in commercials, a fact that often surprises many. This article delves into the intriguing story of how Drew Barrymore, with her undeniable talent and tenacity, ventured into the world of advertising at a remarkably young age.

10. A Remarkable Debut

Drew Barrymore’s first foray into the world of commercials occurred when she was just 11 months old, a truly tender age for any aspiring artist. Her initial breakthrough came in the form of a pet food commercial, where her charm and resilience won over producers. Interestingly, the decision to cast her was solidified when a canine companion nipped at her during the audition, and instead of crying, she responded with laughter, showcasing remarkable composure for an infant. Such early signs of determination and charisma hinted at a promising future in the entertainment industry, perhaps suggesting that talent indeed ran in the Barrymore family.

11. The Pillars of Success

At the age of four, Drew Barrymore embarked on another significant advertising venture, starring in a 1979 commercial for Pillsbury Cookie Dough. Unlike typical child commercial roles, which often involve simple actions or laughter at the camera, Barrymore’s appearance in this commercial was more substantial. The commercial featured her alongside a pile of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, offering a cohesive storyline that set her apart. Though her future acting prowess may not have been immediately evident, her ability to engage with a more complex role at such a young age was remarkable.

12. A Common Path for Future Celebrities

It’s worth noting that Drew Barrymore was not the first celebrity to kickstart her career in commercials. Many aspiring actors and actresses have taken this route to stardom. However, her early achievements in commercials set her on a path that would ultimately lead her to one of the most iconic figures in cinema.

13. A Bid for Spielberg’s Attention

By the early 1980s, Drew Barrymore’s reputation as a child actor was growing, albeit primarily in the realm of horror movies—an unusual niche for a young talent. Surprisingly, she even auditioned for a role in the famous horror film, “Poltergeist.” This period marked a pivotal moment in her career as she aimed to secure a role in Spielberg’s groundbreaking science-fiction film, “ET the Extra-Terrestrial.”

14. The Unexpected Turn of Events

“ET the Extra-Terrestrial” emerged from the ashes of a failed horror project titled “Night Skies,” which was initially intended to be directed by Tobe Hooper. Drew Barrymore’s opportunity to shine came when Spielberg took over the auditions for “Poltergeist.” During her audition, she spun a web of fabricated tales, claiming to be a drummer in a rock and roll band, a clever strategy she employed to impress the director. This audacious act was recounted by Barrymore on “The Ellen Show,” where she revealed her elation at convincing Spielberg. It was a testament to her determination and ambition, as she felt that “girls can do anything.”

15. Making an Indelible Impression

While Drew Barrymore ultimately did not secure the role in “Poltergeist,” which went to fellow child actor Heather O’Rourke, her impact on Spielberg was undeniable. According to the DVD commentary for “ET,” Spielberg cast Barrymore in the role of Gertie because she possessed the “right imagination.” This incident highlights the age-old adage that sometimes, a little embellishment can go a long way in making a lasting impression, even in the world of Hollywood. Grow Your Skills and Employability with Certifications

16. A Desperate Cry for Help: The Path to Rehabilitation

Recognizing her daughter’s persistent struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, Barrymore’s mother faced the harsh reality and decided to take action. She made the difficult choice to admit Drew into a rehabilitation program. However, in the world of addiction recovery, this initial attempt at rehabilitation proved to be just a stepping stone on her path to recovery, far from the rock bottom that awaited her.

17. A Harrowing Sojourn: Barrymore’s Stay at a Mental Health Institution

Barrymore’s turbulent journey took an even darker turn when she found herself in the confines of a mental health institution. For a grueling 18 months, she underwent intensive treatment in this harrowing environment. Plagued by deep-seated sadness and having experienced a lifetime’s worth of challenges by the tender age of 14, Drew Barrymore tragically attempted suicide during this tumultuous period.

18. A Beacon of Hope: Drew Barrymore’s Emergence from the Abyss

Against all odds, Drew Barrymore eventually emerged from the depths of addiction and despair. Her journey to sobriety led her to an unexpected place: the home of singer David Crosby, known for his role in the legendary band Crosby, Stills & Nash. Crosby extended his hospitality to Barrymore, citing her need to be surrounded by individuals dedicated to sobriety, a stark contrast to her struggling parents.

19. A Puzzling Premonition: Barrymore’s Art Imitating Life

In a twist of fate, Drew Barrymore seemed to foresee the restructuring of her relationship with her parents six years before it materialized. Her role in the 1984 film “Irreconcilable Differences” alongside actors Shelley Long and Ryan O’Neal portrayed a child’s emancipation from her famous parents. The film, ostensibly a comedy, not only achieved modest success at the box office but also earned Golden Globe nominations for both Long and Barrymore.

20. The Corey Craze: Hollywood’s Teen Heartthrobs in the Late 80s and Early 90s

In the late 80s and early 90s, the names Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were on everyone’s lips, and they became the epitome of teen heartthrobs in Hollywood. This phenomenon can be attributed to their remarkable talent and charm that captivated not only young audiences but also the entertainment industry. The fascination with the Coreys reached such heights that it even resulted in a pop culture reference on “The Simpsons,” where a character named Corey Masterson, inspired by the two, was introduced, complete with an expensive hotline that Lisa Simpson becomes addicted to.

However, amidst the adoration of pre-teens worldwide, very few individuals could claim to have been romantically involved with someone named Corey, let alone both Coreys. The subsequent paragraphs will delve into an intriguing romantic connection that Drew Barrymore, a rising star in her own right, had with both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in the same year.

21. The Road to Independence: Barrymore’s Emancipation at 14

Remarkably, at the tender age of 14, Drew Barrymore successfully petitioned the state of California for emancipation, gaining financial independence. However, this significant step did not mark the end of her relationship with her mother. In her own words, “…it seems crazy, especially as a parent, but at the time [the emancipation] was an incredibly necessary thing … it was where our journey had taken us at that moment, and it didn’t make either of us bad people. It just was what it was,” as Barrymore shared with Ellen in 2015.

22. Drew Barrymore’s Early Struggles with Substance Abuse

Drew Barrymore’s journey in life has been marked not only by her early fame but also by her candid admission of her battle with drug dependency. In her 1991 autobiography, “Little Girl Lost,” she opened up about a dark chapter in her life, revealing that she started experimenting with drugs at a shockingly young age—ten years old.

23. The Start of a Troubling Path

Barrymore’s early experimentation with drugs began innocently enough, as she recalls being in the company of young adults who were smoking marijuana. Her curiosity led her to try it, but it didn’t stop there. She candidly writes, “Eventually, that got boring, and my addict mind told me, ‘Well if smoking pot is cute, it’ll also be cute to try heavier stuff like cocaine.'” This marked the beginning of a gradual descent into substance abuse.

24. Complicated Family Dynamics

Drew Barrymore’s struggles with addiction were further complicated by her family circumstances. Both of her parents were grappling with their own substance abuse problems, creating a challenging environment for her to overcome her own issues. To make matters worse, her mother, Jaid Barrymore, exploited her daughter’s newfound fame to enhance her own social life, perpetuating the cycle of dysfunction and enabling.

25. Studio 54 and the Dark Side of Fame

As Drew Barrymore’s fame continued to rise, she found herself regularly attending Studio 54, a notorious Broadway nightclub infamous for its celebrity clientele and rampant drug use. Her mother often accompanied her, leading to a troubling dynamic that blurred the lines between parental guidance and celebrity indulgence. Studio 54, later convicted for hiding substantial income from the government, was eventually shut down, although it has since reopened as a theater, serving as a stark reminder of the excesses of that era.

Drew Barrymore’s early struggles with drug dependency and the tumultuous backdrop of her family life paint a vivid picture of the challenges she faced on her journey to recovery and redemption.

26. From Diapers to Stardom: A Lifelong Profession

Drew Barrymore, the iconic actress, embarked on her professional journey when she was still in diapers. With only brief periods of respite throughout her life, she has remained continuously active in the entertainment industry. Her career has been marked by remarkable achievements and enduring popularity. However, it’s not just her professional life that has shaped her; her personal history is a narrative filled with its own share of challenges and trials.

27. Drew Barrymore’s Unconventional Love Triangle with the Coreys

In the annals of Hollywood’s romantic entanglements, Drew Barrymore’s dating history in 1989 stands out as a unique and somewhat scandalous chapter. At the tender age of 14, Barrymore embarked on a romantic relationship with the notorious “bad boy” of Hollywood, Corey Feldman. Feldman, known for his breakthrough role in “The Goonies” and his further acting prowess in “The Lost Boys” (1987), was a polarizing figure in the industry. Little did anyone know that Barrymore’s romantic journey had more surprises in store.

Shortly after her relationship with Corey Feldman, Drew Barrymore found herself in the arms of Corey Haim, another prominent figure in “The Lost Boys.” Coincidentally, both Haim and Barrymore starred in film adaptations of Stephen King’s works in 1985, with Haim in “Silver Bullet” and Barrymore in “Cat’s Eye.” These relationships marked a tumultuous and precocious period in Barrymore’s romantic life, providing ample fodder for tabloids and Hollywood gossip.

28. Inherited Struggles and a Nontraditional Childhood

Drew Barrymore hails from a family history that is far from the typical Hollywood narrative. Her lineage is marked by its own set of struggles and trials. Growing up, her childhood was anything but ordinary. While many children her age were experiencing the joys of youth, Drew was navigating a world that demanded maturity and resilience. These early experiences have played a profound role in shaping her identity. Musical Instruments. Instrumental Software. Analog and Digital Synthesizers. Combo Organs

29. A Hollywood Life Like No Other

Drew Barrymore’s life is a testament to the unique possibilities that Hollywood can offer. It’s a life marked by an enduring career, personal growth through trials, and the ability to find happiness in unexpected places. Her journey has inspired countless individuals, proving that, in the world of entertainment, one can overcome adversity, emerge stronger, and continue to shine as a true Hollywood icon.

30. Surviving the Storms: An Unbreakable Spirit

Much like the character Sheila portrayed in “Santa Clarita Diet,” Drew Barrymore has miraculously weathered numerous storms in her life. Whether it was dealing with personal challenges or facing the demanding nature of the entertainment industry, she has emerged from every ordeal stronger and more resilient. While she may have been born into Hollywood royalty, she has become an icon to many not simply due to her lineage but because she epitomizes the essence of a survivor.

31. A Legacy Beyond “Santa Clarita Diet”

While the popular TV series “Santa Clarita Diet” met its end on the streaming platform after three seasons, Drew Barrymore’s legacy continues to thrive. She celebrated her 45th birthday on February 22nd, 2023, as a testament to her enduring presence in the entertainment world. As she once wisely stated, “If you are going to go through hell, I recommend you come back learning something.” Her life story is not just about the hardships she’s endured but also about the wisdom and strength she’s gained from these experiences.

32. Crafting Happiness from Life’s Lessons

Drew Barrymore’s story isn’t solely about the adversities she’s faced; it’s also about the joy and happiness she has managed to create from the lessons she’s learned along the way. Her journey has been a remarkable one, characterized by both highs and lows, and it serves as an inspiration to many. Her ability to transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth is a testament to her resilience and determination.

33. Child Star Seeking a New Identity

In her early adulthood, Drew Barrymore found herself at a crossroads in her life. While she had made a name for herself as a child actor, she was determined to shed her reputation and embrace a more adventurous and mature lifestyle. This transition marked a significant turning point in her career and personal life.

34. A Rich Acting Heritage

The Barrymore family has a deep and storied history in the world of entertainment, making Drew Barrymore’s path to stardom almost inevitable. Her father, John Drew Barrymore, made a name for himself as a movie star in the 1950s, starring in films like “High Lonesome” and “Never Love a Stranger.” However, Drew Barrymore’s family connection to acting extends beyond her father. Her grandfather, Maurice Barrymore, was a respected figure in American drama, known for his stage portrayal of Hamlet and for receiving acclaim from Brooklyn Life in 1922 as the “greatest living American tragedian.”

35. Connections to Silent Film Stars

John Barrymore Sr., Drew’s father, later took on the lead role in the 1924 film “Beau Brummel” and even married Dolores Costello, another famous silent film actor. The Barrymore family tree continued to intertwine with the world of acting, creating a rich lineage that influenced Drew Barrymore’s own journey in Hollywood.

36. The Legacy of Ethel and Lionel Barrymore

Through this intricate family history, Drew Barrymore also claims connections to Ethel Barrymore, a legendary actress with a career spanning six decades. Perhaps most recognizably, she is the great-niece of actor Lionel Barrymore, renowned for his portrayal of Mr. Potter in Frank Capra’s classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The weight of this family legacy added an extra layer of expectation and scrutiny as Drew Barrymore navigated her own path in the entertainment industry, but she ultimately forged her own unique identity as an actress and personality in Hollywood.

37. Embracing a Sexualized Image

To break free from her child actor image, Barrymore made a series of media appearances that played into her newly sexualized image. She embraced roles that pushed the boundaries of her previous work, daring to explore new facets of her identity. One notable example of this transformation was her role in “Poison Ivy,” which portrayed her in an eroticized light.

38. Nudity and Bold Magazine Features

In 1992, Barrymore took a bold step by posing nude alongside her then-fiancé, Jamie Walters, a well-known actor from “Beverly Hills 90210,” for Interview magazine. This photoshoot challenged societal norms and showcased her determination to redefine her public persona. In 1995, at just 19 years old, she graced the cover of Playboy magazine for its January issue in a daring and revealing photoshoot. These choices marked a significant departure from her child star image and solidified her as a fearless and unconventional figure in Hollywood.

39. A Memorable Late Show Appearance

In the same year as her Playboy feature, Drew Barrymore made a memorable appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. During the show, she shocked the audience by spontaneously flashing her breasts as a “birthday present” for the host. This audacious act further cemented her reputation as a boundary-pushing actress willing to go to great lengths to reinvent herself.

40. From Titillation to Drama: “Boys on the Side”

Despite her provocative media appearances, Drew Barrymore also showcased her versatility as an actress. In 1995, the same year as her daring magazine covers and late-night antics, she starred in “Boys on the Side.” This film depicted a stark contrast to the titillation-centric roles of her earlier work. Her character, initially trapped in an abusive and drug-fueled relationship, later found love with a police officer named Abe Lincoln, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey. This marked a significant departure from the titillating roles of her past, revealing her depth as an actress.

41. Steven Spielberg’s Birthday Gift

As Drew Barrymore ventured into adulthood, her burgeoning reputation as a sex symbol did not go unnoticed. For her 20th birthday, the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg sent her a quilt with a note attached that humorously read, “Cover yourself up.” This gesture highlighted the playful acknowledgment of her evolving public image by one of Hollywood’s most influential figures.

42. A Touch of Irony: Drew Barrymore’s Connection to “Santa Clarita Diet”

In a poetic twist of fate, Drew Barrymore recently graced the screens in the Netflix comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet,” where she portrayed Sheila Hammond, an undead realtor who rediscovers her vitality after a traumatic incident. This character’s transformation mirrors Barrymore’s own journey in many ways. After facing personal challenges that could have left her emotionally ‘dead,’ she emerged stronger and more vibrant, demonstrating that she can truly relate to the concept of a second chance in life, both on and off the screen.

43. Drew Barrymore’s Unusual Teenage Love Triangle

In 1989, at the tender age of 14, Drew Barrymore embarked on a relationship with none other than the notorious ‘bad boy’ of Hollywood, Corey Feldman. Feldman had already made a name for himself with his breakout role in “The Goonies” and solidified his acting credentials in 1987’s “The Lost Boys.” Their connection was more than just coincidence, as both Feldman and Barrymore had starred in “The Lost Boys,” a cult classic of the time. However, this was just the beginning of Barrymore’s journey through the Coreyverse.

44. The What-If Scenario: Drew Barrymore as Vivian in “Pretty Woman”

While it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone other than Julia Roberts portraying the iconic role of Vivian in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman,” there was a time when Drew Barrymore was considered for the part. Surprisingly, the original concept for this modern-day fairytale was vastly different from the romantic comedy we know today. In this unmade version, Vivian was envisioned as a character battling drug addiction, with overcoming her dependency becoming a central plot point tied to her relationship with Edward. Given Barrymore’s rebellious reputation during that era, it’s intriguing to contemplate how she might have tackled this role.

45. Barrymore’s Rebellious Film Roles

One of the standout roles from this rebellious era of Drew Barrymore’s career was her portrayal of the eponymous character in the notorious 1992 film “Poison Ivy.” In this erotic thriller, Barrymore plays a street-smart teenager who manipulates her way into a wealthy family. This film, along with the unmade version of “Pretty Woman,” reflects a period in Barrymore’s career where she embraced controversial and daring roles.

46. A Legacy of Acting: The Barrymore Family’s Deep Roots in Hollywood

Acting talent seems to be an inherent part of Drew Barrymore’s lineage. The Barrymore family boasts a rich and storied history in Hollywood, with all of her great-grandparents and grandparents having illustrious careers as actors. Notably, her grandfather, John Barrymore, achieved acclaim as one of the most distinguished actors of his era, leaving a significant mark through his portrayal of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Paramount’s original 1920 film adaptation.

47. The Remarkable Journey of Drew Barrymore in the 90s

In the late 90s, Drew Barrymore, the iconic actress, had already achieved remarkable success in her career despite her relatively young age. By this time, she had entered her early-to-mid twenties and had showcased her ability to accomplish a great deal in an astonishingly short period. Her journey was nothing short of extraordinary, setting her apart as a true talent in the entertainment industry.

Drew Barrymore’s journey through the 90s was a testament to her versatility, creativity, and determination. From acting and producing blockbuster hits to pursuing her passion for photography, she continued to evolve as an artist and an influential figure in the world of entertainment. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike. Fresh Flower Bouquet Delivery for All Occasions

48. Flower Films: A Budding Partnership

To further expand her already impressive portfolio, Barrymore embarked on a new venture by co-founding a production company called Flower Films. This significant step in her career was made in collaboration with producer Nancy Juvonen. The birth of Flower Films marked a pivotal moment in Barrymore’s career, as she ventured into the world of film production and took on roles both in front of and behind the camera.

49. Never Been Kissed: Barrymore’s Debut as a Producer

Flower Films made its debut with the release of “Never Been Kissed” in 1999, a high school comedy in which Barrymore took on the lead role as a 25-year-old journalist sent to work undercover in a high school. The film not only showcased Barrymore’s acting prowess but also marked her emergence as a producer. It set the stage for Flower Films to make its mark in the industry.

50. Charlie’s Angels: A Blockbuster Success

Following the success of “Never Been Kissed,” Flower Films hit the jackpot with “Charlie’s Angels,” a popcorn action film that raked in an astounding $264.1 million at the box office. The film’s immense popularity solidified Flower Films’ position as a major player in the film industry, and it demonstrated Barrymore’s ability to produce blockbuster hits.

51. Drew Barrymore’s Early Struggles with Substance Abuse

In her 1991 memoir titled “Little Lady Misplaced,” Drew Barrymore candidly revealed her turbulent journey into the world of substance abuse, shedding light on her astonishingly early encounters with alcohol and the harrowing experiences that followed. This revelation exposed a startling chapter in the actress’s life, as she disclosed that her penchant for pouring liquor over her ice cream began at the tender age of seven. However, it was at the age of nine that she first got drunk, an incident that occurred during a party for actor Rob Lowe, where she notably engaged in a slow dance with Emilio Estevez.

52. The Escalation of Drew’s Addiction and Party Lifestyle

In her memoir, Drew Barrymore further chronicled her tumultuous relationship with addiction, detailing how she and her mother frequented the party scene during her formative years. According to her narrative, these escapades occurred with alarming regularity, sometimes happening once a week and at other times, reaching up to five occasions within a single week. It was during one of these outings that a friend’s mother introduced her to marijuana, subsequently paving the way for her experimentation with cocaine. Music, Movies, Songs, TV Shows, Musical Instruments, Accessories, and Gadgets

53. A Bold Appearance on Late Show

In the same year that Drew posed for Playboy, she made an unforgettable appearance on CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman.” This appearance, however, was not your typical talk show guest interview. It took place on David Letterman’s birthday and left a lasting mark on late-night television history.

54. An Iconic Moment

To celebrate the occasion in a way only Drew Barrymore could, she jumped onto Letterman’s desk, danced exuberantly, and, to the shock and delight of the audience, flashed him her breasts. This unscripted and spontaneous moment became an iconic part of her career and the late-night show’s history. Reflecting on this memorable incident with Stephen Colbert in 2018, Drew remarked that it felt like a distant memory, almost as if it weren’t her, but she remained proud of it, emphasizing that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

55. Turning Down Major Film Roles

Throughout her career, Drew Barrymore has been presented with numerous opportunities in the world of film, some of which she chose to decline. In 1995, she faced a pivotal decision when she was offered the leading role of Nomi Malone in the notorious film “Showgirls.” Drew wisely turned down this role, allowing Elizabeth Berkley, star of “Saved by the Bell,” to step into the iconic but polarizing character.

56. A Different Path in Horror Cinema

Another significant offer that Drew turned down was the chance to portray the iconic final girl Sidney Prescott in the horror franchise “Scream.” Instead of taking on this central role, she accepted the brief but impactful role of the ill-fated teen Casey Becker in the first installment of the series. Drew’s decision opened the door for Neve Campbell to assume the role of Sidney Prescott in three successive “Scream” sequels, solidifying her place in the pantheon of horror film heroines. Drew’s choices not only shaped her career but also influenced the trajectories of her fellow actors in the entertainment industry.

57. The Youngest Host in SNL History

Drew Barrymore’s claim to fame extends beyond her impressive acting career. At a mere seven years of age, she etched her name in the annals of television history by becoming the youngest person ever to take on the hosting duties at the iconic comedy show, Saturday Night Live. This remarkable feat saw her grace the stage of Studio 8H, showcasing her natural talent and charisma even at such a tender age.

58. Setting a Record with Her Return

Drew’s connection with Saturday Night Live didn’t end there. In 2009, she made a triumphant return to the show, solidifying her status as an SNL legend. This time, she achieved another milestone by becoming the first female host to grace the SNL stage a total of six times. While her record-setting reign was later matched by the incomparable Tina Fey in 2018, Drew’s impact on the show’s history remains undeniable.

59. Love for Courtney Love

In the early 1990s, Drew Barrymore developed a close friendship with Courtney Love, the frontwoman of the rock band Gap and the wife of the iconic musician Kurt Cobain. Their connection led Drew to meet Eric Erlandson, the guitarist for Gap, and he even accompanied her to the premiere of the 1995 film “Batman Forever.” Such was the depth of their friendship that Courtney Love named Drew the godmother of her and Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. However, as time passed, their once-tight bond began to weaken.

In 2007, Drew Barrymore openly acknowledged that she and Courtney Love had not seen each other for a considerable amount of time. This separation resulted in Drew losing touch with Frances Bean Cobain, which she described as a tremendous loss. Barrymore expressed her desire to reconnect with Frances, highlighting the importance of their relationship in her life.

60. The Many Loves of Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s romantic life has been nothing short of eventful. Not only has she dated notable figures such as Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer of The Strokes, and actor Justin Long, but she has also been married three times. Her first marriage in 1994 was to Jeremy Thomas, a bar owner, but it lasted only two months. She then briefly tied the knot with comedian Tom Green in 2001. Her most enduring marriage was to Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters, Olive and Frankie; this union lasted four years. Additionally, Drew has been engaged two other times during her teenage years in the early 1990s. Books, and literature on Amazon

61. She’s an Enthusiastic Potterhead

Despite leading an extraordinary life, Drew Barrymore shares a common passion with people around the world—she is a dedicated Potterhead. This revelation came to light on the set of “Charlie’s Angels,” a film that went into production shortly after the release of the first book in the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” in 1997. The Harry Potter series became an instant sensation, captivating not only fans but also celebrities like Drew Barrymore.

During breaks between scenes on the set of “Charlie’s Angels,” Drew Barrymore would read passages from the Harry Potter books to her co-stars and crew members. The influence of Harry Potter on her life extended to the film, as her character in “Charlie’s Angels” can be seen sporting a Hogwarts-inspired disguise in a flashback sequence. Barrymore’s personal enthusiasm for Harry Potter garnered significant attention in the lead-up to the film’s release, possibly as a way to connect with fellow fans just before the debut of the first Harry Potter movie in 2001.

62. She’s Best Friends with Cameron Diaz

It’s not just us regular folks who form close friendships; celebrities do too! Hollywood’s dynamic duo of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz is a prime example. Rumor has it that their initial encounter occurred when Barrymore served coffee to Diaz, but their true connection blossomed when Barrymore cast Diaz as the lead in “Charlie’s Angels” in 2000.

Drew and Cameron’s friendship has stood the test of time, as they’ve both been part of the entertainment industry for a significant duration. Diaz spoke about their enduring bond, emphasizing the authenticity of their friendship, having experienced many life changes together. Barrymore’s multiple divorces and Diaz’s heartbreaking loss of her father to liver cancer in 2008 have led them to provide each other with solace during difficult times.

In Barrymore’s words, “We’re more than best friends; she’s my sister.” While Cameron Diaz has retired from acting, fans remain hopeful that Drew Barrymore might persuade her to collaborate on a project, perhaps even a modern-day “Thelma & Louise” reboot.

63. A Descent into Darkness and Rehabilitation

As Drew’s dependency on substances continued to spiral out of control, her life took a dark turn, leading to her first admission to rehab in 1988, when she was just 13 years old. Following this initial stint, she underwent an 18-month stay in an institution for the mentally ill, an experience she likened to “severe recruitment training and boot camp.” In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Drew explained that this period of her life was far from normal and necessitated an intense shift in her behavior and mindset.

64. Battling Demons and Seeking Help

At the tender age of 14, Drew Barrymore attempted suicide, which led to her second stint in rehab. Subsequently, she embarked on a three-month journey of recovery at the home of musician David Crosby and his wife, individuals who had themselves grappled with addiction and were dedicated to sobriety. David Crosby explained his motivation, stating, “I didn’t want to see her go down the tubes.”

65. Early Relationships and Notable Partnerships

Although Drew Barrymore has had several high-profile relationships throughout her life, one of the most iconic of them all was her early romance with fellow child star Corey Feldman. Their relationship was significant enough that they attended the 1989 Academy Awards together, marking a moment in their shared history.

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66. The Playboy Photoshoot

During her formative years in the entertainment industry, at the age of 19, Drew Barrymore made a bold and controversial choice when she posed nude for the January 1995 issue of Playboy magazine. Her decision garnered significant attention and stirred up a mixture of opinions from the public.

67. Steven Spielberg’s Thoughtful Gesture

Among those who weighed in on Drew’s Playboy photos was none other than her godfather, the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. For Drew’s 20th birthday, Spielberg sent her copies of the Playboy pictures with a humorous and caring twist. He had the photographs digitally altered to include clothing on Drew, accompanied by a note that playfully advised her to “Cover yourself up.” This gesture not only showcased Spielberg’s sense of humor but also his support for his goddaughter, even in unconventional circumstances. Digital Electronic Gadgets all Modern Hot Sale on Amazon

68. Reflecting on Her Journey Through Memoirs

Drew Barrymore has authored two memoirs that offer contrasting perspectives on her life’s journey. “Little Lady Misplaced” (1991) chronicles the darker phases of her life, recounting a childhood that went dramatically off course. Conversely, “Wildflower” (2015) is a reflection on her life from a place of happiness, illustrating just how far she had come in her journey towards recovery and self-discovery.

69. Love for Courtney Love

In the early 1990s, Drew Barrymore developed a close friendship with Courtney Love, the frontwoman of the rock band Gap, and the wife of the iconic musician Kurt Cobain. Their connection led Drew to meet Eric Erlandson, the guitarist for Gap, and he even accompanied her to the premiere of the 1995 film “Batman Forever.” Such was the depth of their friendship that Courtney Love named Drew the godmother of her and Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. However, as time passed, their once-tight bond began to weaken.

In 2007, Drew Barrymore openly acknowledged that she and Courtney Love had not seen each other for a considerable amount of time. This separation resulted in Drew losing touch with Frances Bean Cobain, which she described as a tremendous loss. Barrymore expressed her desire to reconnect with Frances, highlighting the importance of their relationship in her life.

70. Donnie Darko: A Cult Classic Against the Odds

Flower Films took a daring and unconventional turn with its next project, “Donnie Darko” in 2001. This psychological thriller, though well-received at the Sundance Film Festival in January, faced challenges due to its dark and enigmatic themes. It was nearly relegated to a straight-to-video release. However, Barrymore’s personal investment in securing a limited theatrical release allowed the film to find its audience. Over time, “Donnie Darko” evolved into a cult classic, defying initial expectations.

71. From Party Animal to Photographer

Beyond her impressive accomplishments in the film industry, Barrymore experienced a personal transformation in the 90s. Previously known as a ‘party animal’ in the 80s, she transitioned into a more wholesome hobby: photography. In a 2010 interview with Elle, she revealed her decade-long passion for carrying a Pentax camera wherever she went, capturing thousands of moments – from candid shots of friends to snapshots of vacations and parties.

72. The Dream of a Gallery Exhibition

Barrymore expressed her desire to organize and display her extensive collection of photographs in a gallery setting. This ambitious project, however, presented the challenge of selecting just a few dozen images from the vast archive. While she has yet to unveil her photographic work in a gallery, she has maintained an active Instagram account with a substantial following of 12.9 million fans, where she often promotes body positivity and rejects the unrealistic standards perpetuated by tabloids and media outlets.

73. Early Introduction to the Camera: A Star in the Making from a Tender Age

Drew Barrymore’s journey in front of the camera commenced at an exceptionally early age, a mere 11 months old to be precise. In the year 1975, she took her initial steps into the world of showbiz by making her debut appearance in a Pet Chow commercial. However, her foray into the realm of cinematic storytelling didn’t take long, as she secured her first film role five years later, notably in the horror movie “Altered States.”

74. The Iconic Role that Defined Her Career: Gertie in E.T.

Drew Barrymore’s status as a household name in the entertainment industry was solidified when she achieved the pivotal role of Gertie in the iconic 1982 film “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” This role not only catapulted her to stardom but also endeared her to audiences of all ages, making her a beloved figure in Hollywood. Women’s health, pregnancy, supplements, breastfeeding

75. Hollywood’s Godparents: An Extraordinary Influence

Drew Barrymore’s early exposure to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood extended even to her choice of godparents. Her godmothers were none other than Sophia Loren and Anna Strasberg, the widow of the renowned “father of method acting in America,” Lee Strasberg. Her bond with Anna Strasberg played a particularly pivotal role in her upbringing, as she often described it as a nurturing and formative relationship. Furthermore, her godfather was none other than Steven Spielberg, the director of her breakout film, “E.T.”

76. A Complex Relationship with Family: Struggles with Parents

Despite her Hollywood lineage and connections, Drew Barrymore’s personal life was marked by tumultuous relationships within her own family. Her father, John Barrymore, who was also an actor, was described by Drew as an abusive presence who left the family when she was just a mere six months old, resulting in a strained and distant relationship between father and daughter. Her mother, Jaid Barrymore, had her own aspirations in the world of acting, having been born in a displaced persons camp in Brannenburg, West Germany, to Hungarian World War II refugees.

77. A Turbulent Upbringing: Drew’s Path to Independence

Drew Barrymore’s upbringing was far from conventional. She found herself accompanying her mother to Hollywood parties and even to the legendary Studio 54 before reaching her teenage years. By the age of 15, Drew had already undergone rehabilitation twice and made the bold decision to legally emancipate herself from her parents. This involved her moving into her own apartment, demonstrating a level of independence and self-sufficiency rarely seen at such a young age.

78. A Strained Mother-Daughter Relationship: The Ongoing Tensions

The strained relationship with her mother, Jaid, continued into adulthood, culminating in a notable absence at Drew’s wedding in 2012. Drew Barrymore’s mother, Jaid, faced scrutiny when it was revealed that she had sold her daughter’s childhood clothing in online auctions during the mid-’90s, a controversial act that further exacerbated the tension between mother and daughter.

79. From Spielberg to Sophia Loren

In the glittering world of Hollywood, Drew Barrymore’s connections go far beyond her blood relatives. The actress boasts a godfather who is none other than the legendary director, Steven Spielberg. Spielberg’s close friendship with Barrymore’s parents played a pivotal role in kickstarting the child actor’s career, eventually leading her to her breakthrough role in the industry. While it would be unfair to discredit Barrymore’s talent as an actress, it’s undeniable that having Spielberg as a mentor and guide must have significantly contributed to her success in the competitive world of Hollywood.

80. Sophia Loren: A Godmother and Hollywood Icon

Surprisingly, Steven Spielberg is not the only powerhouse in Drew Barrymore’s godparent line-up. One of her godmothers is none other than Sophia Loren, the iconic Academy Award-winning actress renowned for her stellar performance in the 1961 film “Two Women.” Sophia Loren, improbably, is also the aunt of Alessandro Mussolini. During her childhood, Barrymore spent many summers at Loren’s ranch just outside Los Angeles, where she had the opportunity to bond with Loren’s sons. However, in recent times, their relationship appears to have waned, with the two not being particularly close anymore. Despite the distance, having Sophia Loren as a godmother undoubtedly adds a touch of stardom to Barrymore’s life.

81. The Transformation of “Pretty Woman” and the Rise of Julia Roberts

Ultimately, Disney took the reins of “Pretty Woman” and transformed it into the iconic romantic comedy we know today. A happy ending was added, and Julia Roberts, a relative unknown with an uncontroversial past, was cast in the lead role. This decision marked a significant turning point in both Roberts’ and Barrymore’s careers, with Roberts going on to become a Hollywood superstar while Barrymore continued her unique and eclectic journey through the world of cinema.

82. Barrymore’s Flirtation with Corey Haim

Not long after her relationship with Corey Feldman, Drew Barrymore found herself romantically linked to Corey Haim. This Corey, too, had a role in “The Lost Boys,” adding another layer of synchronicity to Barrymore’s love life. It’s worth noting that in 1985, Haim and Barrymore had both appeared in films based on Stephen King’s works, with Haim in “Silver Bullet” and Barrymore in “Cat’s Eye.” These relationships marked a turbulent and precocious phase in Barrymore’s romantic life, one that would foreshadow her tumultuous journey through adolescence and early adulthood.

83. Engagement with Leland Hayward

Just two years later, at the age of 16, Barrymore’s romantic life took yet another unexpected turn when she became engaged to Leland Hayward, the grandson of a prominent Hollywood producer who shared his famous namesake. However, this engagement was short-lived, lasting a mere two months. It was a pivotal moment in Barrymore’s journey, demonstrating the ephemeral nature of young love and the challenges of growing up in the spotlight.

84. Anna Strasberg: The Hollywood Connection

Another significant figure in Drew Barrymore’s godparent circle is Anna Strasberg, the wife of the renowned acting coach Lee Strasberg. This connection runs deep with Hollywood history. Anna Strasberg’s association with the acting world and her husband’s legacy in the industry add a layer of Hollywood royalty to Barrymore’s family tree. It’s a testament to the blue Hollywood blood coursing through her veins, with connections that span generations.

85. Drew Barrymore’s Early Celebrity Connection: Dr. Paul M Fleiss

Drew Barrymore didn’t have to wait until her iconic role in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” to start making noteworthy connections in the celebrity sphere. In fact, her first celebrity connection happened the moment she was born, thanks to Dr. Paul M. Fleiss. In an era before the revolving door between medical school and daytime television began to spin, Dr. Fleiss stood out as one of the first “celebrity” doctors. A pediatrician by profession, he gained fame not just for his medical expertise but also for his high-profile celebrity clients. His controversial medical views, including skepticism about childhood vaccinations and the link between HIV and AIDS, only added to his notoriety.

86. The Scandalous Side of Dr. Paul M. Fleiss

Dr. Paul M. Fleiss’s notoriety extends beyond his celebrity connections. In 1994, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bank fraud. This legal trouble was linked to his daughter, Heidi Fleiss, who operated as a madam and used his medical practice to launder money. While these legal issues are far removed from Drew Barrymore’s own actions and decisions, they do shed light on the complex and often precarious moral positions of the adults in her early life. It’s a reminder that even in the glitzy world of Hollywood, scandal and controversy can lurk beneath the surface, impacting those indirectly involved.

87. Allergies That Affect Her Daily Life

Drew Barrymore’s health has been significantly impacted by a series of allergies that she must vigilantly manage. One of her well-known allergies is to garlic, a seemingly common ingredient in many dishes. However, for Drew, consuming garlic is out of the question, as it can trigger unpleasant allergic reactions. Additionally, bee stings pose a significant risk to her, necessitating extra caution when outdoors. Surprisingly, Drew also has an aversion to strong aromas, which can be challenging in a world filled with various scents. The mere whiff of certain fragrances can lead to discomfort and allergic responses. Moreover, her allergy to coffee, a daily staple for many, sets her apart in the realm of food sensitivities. These allergies undoubtedly require her to be acutely aware of her surroundings and dietary choices to ensure her well-being.

88. The Chanel Connection

When Drew Barrymore tied the knot with Will Kopelman in 2012, she not only entered into a loving union but also became a part of a prestigious household. Will Kopelman’s father, Ari Kopelman, held the esteemed position of CEO at the renowned fashion house, Chanel. This connection introduced Drew to the world of high fashion, and she soon began to embrace the Chanel brand, frequently adorning herself in its iconic designs. Notably, her wedding attire was a custom-made Chanel gown, reflecting her newfound affiliation with the fashion powerhouse.

However, despite the promising beginnings, the marriage ultimately faced challenges, and in 2016, Drew and Will announced their legal separation. In a joint statement, they conveyed, “Sadly our family is separating legally, though we don’t feel this takes away from us being a family.” This turn of events brought about a sense of personal setback, with divorce often carrying feelings of failure. Nevertheless, Drew found solace and resilience in the idea that life continues to evolve and offer new opportunities for growth.

89. Drew’s Entrée into the World of Winemaking

In 2014, Drew Barrymore ventured into the world of winemaking, forging a partnership with Carmel Road Vineyard to create her very own line of wines aptly named “Barrymore Wines.” Drew’s passion for wine was evident in her enthusiasm for the venture, as she explained, “I love the camaraderie of sitting across the table, sharing wine, and making memories with family and friends.” Her inaugural wine offerings were met with excitement and anticipation.

90. The Appeal of Pinot Grigio and Collaborative Success

Among her wine creations, Pinot Grigio emerged as a perennial favorite, celebrated for its vibrant character and its ability to complement a wide array of occasions and cuisines. The collaboration with Carmel Road Vineyard proved to be harmonious, as they shared a commitment to crafting expressive wines with distinctive personalities, all while producing these wines in the picturesque vineyards of California.

91. Drew’s Artistic Connection to Winemaking

As of 2017, Drew had introduced three distinct varietals of Barrymore Wines. Speaking about her involvement in winemaking, she shared, “Art and many things out there are about opinion and what you personally really love. However, I do think there is clearly such an incredible art to making wine. I’m just happy to be part of that side of it.”

92. The Musical Tribute to Drew

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood actresses to serve as muses for various artists, and Drew Barrymore is no exception. However, what truly signifies her status as a pop culture icon is the fact that she has not one, but two songs named after her. These musical tributes to her cinematic legacy and allure are a testament to her enduring influence.

93. SZA’s Inspiration and Barrymore’s Cameo

The first song, by SZA, may not be explicitly about Drew Barrymore, but it draws inspiration from her iconic roles in movies like “Poison Ivy” and “Never Been Kissed.” SZA revealed that the song originated from a personal experience: “I wrote about a party that I went to for a boy. I was really excited, [but] it turns out he brought another girl to the party… So, basically, I went, and I never saw him for the entire party.” Notably, Drew Barrymore herself responded positively to the song and even made a cameo appearance in its music video.

94. Bryce Vine’s Ode to Barrymore’s Filmography

The second song, by Bryce Vine, delves deeper into Drew Barrymore’s status as a sex symbol and references her filmography directly with lyrics like “You smoke that poison ivy… 50 First Dates, hit it then skate (ooh).” This musical homage underscores Drew’s enduring legacy as an actress and cultural icon, immortalized through the artistry of music.

95. The Sandler Story

Drew Barrymore’s professional journey has been significantly shaped by her association with actor Adam Sandler, with whom she has shared the screen in three films over the years, commencing with their collaboration on “The Wedding Singer” in 1998. This partnership has not only been a cornerstone of her career but has also played a significant role in her personal life.

In her memoir, “Wildflower,” Drew Barrymore candidly recounted her determination to connect with Adam Sandler. She described how she had to go to great lengths, metaphorically “beg, borrow, and steal,” just to secure a meeting with him. In her words, “I thought Adam had a goodness that was so unique. I could tell you that he possessed something different, and I was drawn to his light.” Drew’s aspiration was to create love stories infused with a particular energy characterized by genuine love, chemistry, and timelessness. Her deep conviction in their creative synergy compelled her to pursue collaboration with Sandler.

96. The inception of Flower Movies

In the year 1995, Drew Barrymore, together with her close friend Nancy Juvonen, embarked on the journey of establishing their own film production company known as Flower Films. This venture sprouted from a friendship that had developed over two years, initially fostered by Nancy’s brother Jim, who was an accomplished author and producer actively involved in the production of Drew’s movie, “Mad Love.”

97. A Decade of Partnership and Romance

A full decade later, as the two women collaborated on the film “Fever Pitch,” in which Drew starred alongside Saturday Night Live breakout sensation Jimmy Fallon, an unexpected love connection blossomed. The spark ignited when Drew extended an invitation to Jimmy for a party she was hosting for her companion. Little did they know that this invitation would change the course of their lives.

98. A Proposal and a December Wedding

Several months following their first encounter, Jimmy Fallon took the romantic plunge and proposed to Nancy Juvonen. Their love story culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony held on December 22, 2007, marking the beginning of their enduring journey together as a married couple.

99. Flossie, Drew Barrymore’s Heroic Yellow Lab, and Their Unbreakable Bond

In 1998, a fateful night in Drew Barrymore’s life brought to light the extraordinary loyalty and heroism of her beloved yellow Labrador, Flossie. At the time, Drew was residing in her Los Angeles home with her then-boyfriend, Tom Green, when they experienced a life-altering event.

During the late hours of the night, the couple was awakened by Flossie, their adopted yellow lab. To their astonishment, a fire had erupted within their home. The heroic canine not only barked relentlessly but also physically alerted them by vigorously banging on the bedroom door. Drew’s publicist later recounted this dramatic episode to People magazine, emphasizing Flossie’s pivotal role in saving their lives.

As they stood outside their home with reporters and a brigade of 70 firefighters, who unfortunately couldn’t salvage the house, Drew expressed her immense gratitude, saying, “Thank God for Flossie!” This incident forged an unbreakable bond between Drew and her faithful companion. Regrettably, in 2010, Flossie passed away at the age of 16. In tribute to her cherished pet, Drew embarked on a poignant journey to India, where she scattered some of Flossie’s ashes at Mahatma Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi, immortalizing the memory of her heroic and beloved canine friend.

100. Barrymore’s Animated Persona

For keen-eyed viewers of the animated TV series “Family Guy,” a curious thought may have crossed their minds: “That character sounds an awful lot like Drew Barrymore.” Their instincts would have been right, as Drew Barrymore made her debut on the show back in 2005, voicing the character Mrs. Lockhart. Her contribution to the show extended over several years, as she returned in 2006 and continued voicing the character Jillian for a total of 11 episodes, portraying Brian’s girlfriend.

101. Avid Reader and Literary Tastes

Drew Barrymore’s passion for reading transcends the ordinary. She possesses a voracious appetite for literature, with a penchant for specific books and authors. Among her cherished reads are classics like “The Happy Hockey Family” and “Flying Jack,” which have left a lasting impression on her literary journey. Furthermore, Drew has an affinity for poetry, with E.E. Cummings standing out as her favorite poet. Her literary preferences provide a glimpse into her diverse interests, showcasing her love for both whimsical children’s tales and profound, evocative poetry.

102. Drew Barrymore’s Role as a Godmother

Drew Barrymore, known for her illustrious family history and famous godparents, has continued this tradition by being a renowned godmother herself. One of her most prominent godparent roles is that of Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of the legendary Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, and singer Courtney Love.

103. The 90s Connection

This godparent arrangement traces its roots back to the 1990s when Barrymore and Love emerged as two of Hollywood’s leading rebels. It’s worth noting that Love, being ten years older than Barrymore, played a protective role in preventing Barrymore from falling back into dependency issues.

104. A Unique Friendship

Ironically, despite Love’s efforts to protect her, she endured her own stints in rehab in the mid-2000s. Despite the ups and downs, the two have remained fast friends ever since.

105. Frances Bean Cobain’s Journey

Frances Bean Cobain, born in 1992, has since made a name for herself as a model and visual artist, carrying forward her family’s artistic legacy. However, Drew Barrymore isn’t the only famous godparent in her life; R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe holds the title of her godfather.

106. Barrymore’s Family and Children

Drew Barrymore, a talented actress and Hollywood icon, has two children from her marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman, who is the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman. The couple welcomed their first child, Olive, into the world in 2012, followed by the birth of their second daughter, Frankie, in 2014. Unfortunately, Kopelman and Barrymore’s marriage ended in divorce in 2016.

107. The Intriguing Choice of “Olive”

While Barrymore hasn’t publicly disclosed the reasoning behind her children’s names, there’s a strong possibility that the name “Olive” was not a mere coincidence. This connection can be traced back to Barrymore’s involvement as the voice actor for the titular character in the 1999 animated Christmas special, “Olive, the Other Reindeer.”

108. Drew Barrymore’s Storied Lineage

Drew Blythe Barrymore, known for her prolific acting career, was born on February 22, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. She was born into the legendary Barrymore family, which boasts a long and storied history in American entertainment. Her father, John Drew Barrymore, was a notable American actor, while her mother, Jaid Barrymore, aspired to make her mark in the world of acting as well. Drew had a unique family dynamic, with one-half brother and two half-sisters, but her parents divorced when she was just six years old, setting the stage for an unconventional upbringing.

109. A Drug Addict at Such a Young Age

Drew Barrymore’s early life took an unconventional turn as she became exposed to the glitzy and sometimes dark world of show business at a very young age. At just nine years old, she began accompanying her mother to nightclubs, a decidedly atypical experience for a child. It was during these escapades, particularly at iconic venues like Studio 54 and the China Club, that Drew’s curiosity led her down a perilous path of experimentation with drugs and alcohol.

110. Her Godfather

One fascinating aspect of Drew Barrymore’s life is her close connection to Hollywood royalty. The renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg, famous for classics like “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” holds the esteemed role of being Drew’s godfather. This special bond was formed when Spielberg directed a young Drew in the heartwarming science fiction film in 1982, adding a unique layer to her already illustrious Hollywood lineage.

111. Enjoying Life to the Fullest

Drew Barrymore’s interests extend far beyond the silver screen. When she’s not dazzling audiences with her acting prowess, she indulges in a variety of hobbies that truly highlight her zest for life. Photography, yoga, and snorkeling are among her favorite pursuits, reflecting her multifaceted passion for exploration and creativity.

112. The Beverly Hills Mansion Fire

In 2001, Drew Barrymore faced a harrowing experience when her lavish $3 million Beverly Hills mansion was engulfed in flames. Fortunately, both Barrymore and her then-fiancée Tom Green managed to escape the inferno unharmed. It took a team of 55 firefighters roughly an hour to extinguish the blaze, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the sheer scale of the response.

113. The Actors Who Inspire Her

Drew Barrymore’s appreciation for the art of acting extends to her admiration for fellow thespians. She is an ardent fan of the American actor John Malkovich and the versatile actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her movie preferences are equally eclectic, with favorites including classics like “Harold and Maude,” “Paper Moon,” and “Annie Hall.”

114. A Musical Palette

When it comes to music, Drew Barrymore’s taste is as diverse as her cinematic choices. She counts legendary bands and artists like The Beatles, Dr. Dre, Coldplay, Lauryn Hill, Beck, and The Strokes among her musical influences. In a delightful tribute to her, a punk band from York, Pennsylvania, even recorded a limited-edition song titled “Barry Love Drew Barrymore” in 2002.

115. The Secret Behind Her Healthy Body Is Food

Drew Barrymore maintains her health through a particular fondness for certain foods. Among her culinary favorites are peanut butter with bananas, macaroni with cheese, and a classic grilled cheese sandwich. These delectable choices provide a glimpse into her down-to-earth and relatable approach to staying fit and happy.

116. A Special Christmas Tale

In this heartwarming Christmas tale, a Jack Russell Terrier named Olive mistakenly believes she’s been summoned by Santa to save Christmas. Notably, the special was produced by Barrymore’s production company, Flower Films, and 20th Century Fox Television. It was led by Matt Groening, the creator of the iconic animated series, “The Simpsons,” and premiered exactly ten years after the first episode of the beloved show.

117. Star-Studded Cast

Besides Drew Barrymore, the special featured familiar voices like Dan Castellaneta, Billy West, Tress MacNeille, and unexpectedly, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

118. Drew Barrymore’s Film Preference

While the original “Grease” is widely recognized as a critical and commercial success that left an indelible mark on popular culture, its sequel, “Grease 2,” tends to elicit responses of disbelief, such as “Wait, there was a ‘Grease 2’?”

119. A Different Perspective

Surprisingly, Drew Barrymore happens to be a fan of “Grease 2.” This revelation came to light in the independent 2005 documentary “My Date with Drew,” which was both directed by and starred Brian Herzlinger. Herzlinger claimed to have had a crush on Barrymore since her iconic role in “E.T.” and set out to have a date with her after winning a game show where her name was the crucial answer.

120. A Shared Appreciation

In a twist of fate, Herzlinger and Barrymore did go on a date, and their conversation was dominated by a shared appreciation for the critically panned sequel, “Grease 2.”

121. Staggering Net Worth Leaves You Awestruck

When it comes to financial prowess, this individual’s net worth is nothing short of astounding, and it’s bound to leave you in awe. The cumulative value of her assets and earnings is estimated to be an impressive $125 million. Among her notable possessions is a multi-million dollar residence situated in the glamorous city of Los Angeles. Additionally, she can lay claim to a magnificent $7 million Mediterranean-style mansion nestled in the picturesque enclave of Montecito, California.

123. A Heart of Gold and Boundless Generosity

Beyond her fame and fortune, she possesses a heart of extraordinary magnanimity. Her commitment to noble causes shines brightly, evident in her remarkable philanthropic endeavors. One such act of kindness involved a generous donation of $1 million to the World Food Program, aimed at alleviating the plight of children in Africa. Furthermore, she has taken on the role of ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program on Hunger and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to making the world a better place.

124. Marilyn Monroe Tribute on a Notable Occasion

In a touching and iconic gesture, this individual paid homage to the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, on his fiftieth birthday in 2006. She did so by stepping into the iconic shoes of Marilyn Monroe and gracing the cover of George Magazine. This tribute not only celebrated Bill Clinton but also showcased her versatility and star power, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment and pop culture.

125. Reigning Supreme in the World of Beauty and Glamour

At the tender age of 28, she achieved a remarkable feat by claiming the coveted top spot in Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list. This accolade is a testament to her irresistible charm and undeniable allure, making her the embodiment of sensuous beauty. Her allure didn’t go unnoticed by People Magazine either, as she earned a coveted spot on their esteemed list of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World,” solidifying her status as a true beauty icon.

126. Guinness Book of Records’ Youngest Author

Proving that talent knows no age boundaries, this remarkable individual achieved an astounding milestone at the mere age of 8. She authored an autobiographical book titled “Little Girl Lost,” recounting her life experiences and challenges. What makes this accomplishment truly exceptional is that it earned her a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records as the youngest person ever to write an autobiography. This early literary achievement serves as a testament to her prodigious talent and determination from a very young age.

127. A Childhood Connection

It makes sense that Barrymore would be a fan, as she was only seven years old when the film hit theaters. This is an age when many children are exposed to the allure of the “Grease” franchise, which combines high school drama with mature themes.

128. Barrymore’s Fondness for the Sequel

Barrymore expressed her fondness for “Grease 2” during the documentary, stating, “I like [Grease 2]… We were singing all the songs… I adore it.” She mentioned that she had watched it on cable TV airing not more than two weeks before the date.

129. Award-Winning Guerrilla Filmmaking

The documentary, “My Date with Drew,” gained recognition and awards for its guerrilla filmmaking style, including the fact that the entire project was completed within 30 days of returning the camera it was shot on to the tech chain Circuit City.

130. A Lifelong Friendship: Cameron Diaz and Flower Films

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, genuine friendships can be hard to come by, but Drew Barrymore has found a true companion in fellow actress Cameron Diaz. Their friendship blossomed on the set of “Charlie’s Angels,” where they worked together and forged a deep bond that has endured the test of time. Additionally, Drew shares a strong friendship with Nancy Juvonen, which extends beyond personal connections into the realm of business. Together, they established a production company called Flower Films, which has been involved in the creation of numerous successful films. These enduring friendships in the competitive entertainment industry exemplify Drew’s loyalty and ability to cultivate lasting relationships. Self Development, Productivity, Time Management, Happiness

131. Love, Marriage, and Divorce: A Rollercoaster Ride

Drew Barrymore’s romantic life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, marked by whirlwind relationships and quick transitions between marriage and divorce. In 1994, she took the plunge and married Jeremy Thomas, the owner of a prominent Los Angeles bar. However, the union proved to be short-lived, as she filed for divorce in less than two months. A few years later, at the age of 28, Drew tied the knot with Tom Green, a well-known MTV host and comedian. Yet, this marriage, too, ended in divorce in 2002. However, the third time proved to be the charm when she married art consultant Will Kopelman in 2012. This marriage brought stability and happiness, resulting in the birth of two daughters, Olive Barrymore Kopelman and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. The tumultuous journey of love and relationships in Drew’s life has been marked by resilience and a pursuit of happiness.

132. Awards and Accolades: A Testament to Her Talent

Drew Barrymore’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry has earned her a slew of awards and accolades, solidifying her status as a talented and respected actress. Her trophy cabinet includes prestigious honors such as Golden Globe Awards, recognizing her exceptional performances on the big screen. She’s also been celebrated by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and many more. These awards stand as a testament to her enduring talent and her ability to connect with audiences worldwide through her captivating performances.

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