40 Alfred Nobel Chemist Interesting Facts for All Ages

40 Alfred Nobel Chemist Interesting Facts for All Ages

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

“If I have thousands of ideas and only one can be good, I’m satisfied.” It was quoted by one of the best chemists of all time – Alfred Nobel, and the statement itself echoes his biography and facts. Alfred Nobel In addition to being the founder of the world’s highest award-winning Nobel Prize, Alfred Nobel has many more interesting facts that will be published here:

1. Like a father to a son!

He was born Emmanuel Nobel, who was also an inventor and engineer and experimented with various methods of stone eruption. His father also invented modern plywood and worked on torpedoes.

2. Worth surviving!

He had eight siblings and his parents had a third son, but only Alfred and his three brothers survived childhood, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

3. Olaus Rudbeck’s descent!

Alfred Nobel was a descendant of the famous Swedish scientist and author – Olaus Rudbeck.

4. No formal education!

It is strange that the one whose name has the highest rewards in our time did not have any formal secondary and tertiary education, but he was personally taught by famous teachers of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and literature.

5. Russia Connection!

His father’s business failed in Stockholm and he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia with his family.

6. When he was warned to use nitroglycerin!

When Alfred Nobel met the inventor of the Nitroglycerin-Ascanio Sobrero in Paris, he warned him to use Nitroglycerin, and then Alfred became more interested in making Nitroglycerin safer and usable.

7. Alfred Nobel’s 1st patent!

He acquired 355 patents worldwide and his first patent was for a gas meter (an English patent) in 1857, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

8. And then came Dynamite!

When he mixed nitroglycerin with an absorbent substance in 1867, a new thing was invented, it was dynamite.

9. When a girl rejects her offer!

There were three loves in Alfred Nobel’s life. His first love was a Russian girl- Alexandra and when he proposed to her; He rejected his offer.

10. When his girlfriend received the Nobel Prize!

His second love was Bertha Kinsky (Austro-Bohemian Countess) who in 1876 became his secretary. He is said to be behind the Peace Prize, among other awards of his will. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 9.

11. He was declared dead even after being alive!

When his older brother, Ludwig Nobel, died in 9, most newspapers mistakenly mentioned Alfred’s name in their jokes.

12. More powerful than dynamite!

In 1875, he discovered Gelganite, which was stronger than dynamite, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

13. His Last Will!

On November 27, 1895, he signed his last will so that he kept 94% of his total wealth (the equivalent of 31225000 Swedish kroner) for establishing 5 Nobel Prizes.

14. And… he is gone!

On December 10, 1896, Alfred Nobel died of a heart attack and died in Sanremo, Italy, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

15. Monument to Alfred Nobel

The monument of Alfred Nobel was established in 1991 in St. Petersburg and is located on the banks of the Bolshaya Nevc River in Petrogradskaya Dam.

16. Curious about engineering

At a really younger age, he grew to become curious about engineering (particularly explosives) and began studying the fundamental rules of engineering kind his father.

17. Migration

When his father’s enterprise failed in Stockholm, he moved to Saint Petersburg in 1837 and have become profitable there as a producer of explosives and machine instruments.

18. Father’s invention

His father invented trendy plywood & additionally began engaged on the torpedo, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

19. Education

From 1841 to 1842 (for 18 months), he attended Jacobs Apologistic College in Stockholm, the one college he ever attended.

20. Explosive!

He met Ascanio Sobrero in Paris (who had invented Nitroglycerin three years earlier than) who warned Alfred to make use of nitroglycerin, nonetheless, Alfred grew to become extra to seek out methods for making it a usable explosive.

21. A Chemist

To check Chemistry, he went to America for four years when he was 18 years ago, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

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22. Patent

In 1857, Alfred filed his 1st patent which was an English patent for a gasoline meter.

23. Crimean Conflict

A big chunk of armaments within the Crimean Conflict (1853-1856) was provided by his household manufacturing facility.

24. A researcher

After returning to Sweden from Russia, Alfred Nobel devoted his time to the research of explosives (particularly to the protected use and manufacture of nitroglycerin).

25. Investors

In 1863 and 1865, he invented a detonator and blasting cap respectively, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

26. A disaster

On three September 1864, 5 folks have been killed (together with his youthful brother) in a manufacturing facility when a shed was exploded which was used for the preparation of nitroglycerin.

27. Dynamite

In 1867, Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite, which was safer and simpler to make use of than nitroglycerin.

28. Gelignite

He invented gelignite in 1875, which was much more highly effective and secure than dynamite. gelignite

29. Elected Member

In 1884, he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and in 1893, Uppsala College gave him an honorary doctorate.

30. An Entrepreneur

Throughout his life, Alfred Nobel established greater than ninety armament factories and points 355 worldwide patents.

31. Brother’s death

When his brother, Ludvig Nobel died in 1888, a number of newspapers talked about Alfred’s identity in obituaries in error and a French obituary wrote- Le Marchand de la mort est mort (The service provider of the loss of life is useless).

32. Attend a church

When he was in Paris, he used to attend a church led by pastor Nathan Söderblom- Church of Sweden Overseas pastor Nathan later gained Nobel Peace Prize in 1930. pastor-Nathan-Soderblom

33. Love

He had three loves in his life and when he proposed to his old flame named Alexandra (Russian woman); she rejected his proposal.

34. Romance

He additionally fell in love with Bertha Kinsky (Austro-Bohemian Countess) who grew to become his secretary in 1876. It’s mentioned that she had a significant effect in including the Peace Prize among the many different prizes talked about in his will.

35. Nobel for his beloved

Bertha Kinsky additionally gained the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

36. No formal education

Alfred Nobel had no formal secondary and tertiary stage schooling, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

37. Researcher

He combined Nitroglycerin with an absorbent inert substance that grew to become safer and patented this combination in 1867 as “Dynamite”.

38. Nobel Prize

He signed his final will on 27 November 1895 and put aside a significant bulk of his property (94% of his whole belongings; equal to 31225000 Swedish Kronor) to ascertain the 5 Nobel Prizes. The Awards have been beginning in 1901.

39. Death

He suffered a stroke on 10 December 1896 and died at Sanremo in Italy, which is one of Alfred Nobel interesting facts.

40. Monument

In 1991, Monument to Alfred Nobel was established at Saint Petersburg situated alongside the Bolshaya Neva River on Petrogradskaya Embankment.

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