32 Interesting Facts About American Comedian Woody Allen

32 Interesting Facts About American Comedian Woody Allen

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

With his more than 60 years of involvement with the American film industry as director, writer, actor, and comedian, Allan Stewart Konigsberg, commonly known as Woody Allen is one of the top award-winning filmmakers in America. Began his career as a comedy writer, he is also apt in serious films, such as Annie Hall and Manhattan.

Interesting Facts About Woody Allen

Let’s find some interesting information about Woody Allen:

1. Born

Woody Allen was born on Saturday, November 30, 1935, at Mount of Eden Hospital in the Bronx, New York City.

2. Parents

Name of his father is Martin Konigsberg who is a jewelry engraver and waiter.

Her mother is Nettie (née Cherry), who is a bookkeeper at her family’s delicatessen.

3. Education

Woody Allen went to Public School 99, teaching Hebrew school for about 8 years, and graduating from Brooklyn College’s Midwood High School.

Ge attended New York University, after high school in 1953, in order to pursue his education on communication, but could not continue followed by his failure in course named “Motion Picture Production”.

He was also drop out in 1954 in the first semester from City College of New York where he was admitted to Film. In fact, he was crazy with self-study and was a self-learner, instead of classroom learning.

4. Strictly temperamental mother

His childhood was very difficult when his parents did not come together and he had a cold relationship with his stern, temperamental mother.

5. A magician

Allen used to impress students with his talent for cards and magic tricks. For this, he had an audience and fame since childhood.

6. A baseball player

During childhood, Allen had more interested in baseball than school. He passed much of his time playing baseball in the team.

7. Married life

Woody Allen had three weddings with Harleen Rosen, Louis Lazarus, and soon-to-be Previn (present), and had a 12-year relationship with actress Mia Farrow.


Harlene Susan Rosen (m. 1956; div. 1962)​; Louise Lasser (m. 1966; div. 1970)​; Soon-Yi Previn (m. 1997)​

8. Children

He has five children: Ronan Farrow, Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow, Manzie Teo Allen, Moses Farrow, and Beckett Allen.

9. Nicknames

He changed his name legally to Heywood Allen. He also called himself Woody

10. College dropout

Allen was suspended from New York College when he was youthful and by no means graduated from faculty.

11. Columnist in the Newspaper

At the age of 15, Woody Allen began writing jokes for a newspaper column to lift cash. Since then he had proved his passion and caliber in creative writing and comics.

His amazing performance opened door to join the NBC Writer’s Development Program in 1955 where they used to pay him $25 weekly.

12. Nomination

Woody Allen has been nominated 24 occasions and received 4 Academy Awards: three for Greatest Authentic Screenplay and one for Greatest Director (Annie Hall).

13. Success is not so easy

Its 2001 release, the crime-comedy movie “Curse of the Zed Bitch” was made at $ 33 million but grossed only $ 18.9 million worldwide.

14. Attachment with Psychology

For more than 37 years Woody Allen has been psychoanalyzing up to three days a week, but he stops dating his current wife.

15. Love for music

Woody loves music and sometimes performs the jazz clarinet at sure venues. Actually, his band performs on the Carlyle Lodge in New York, each Monday evening.

16. Passion for Jazz music

He loves music and plays jazz clarinet frequently in small places. He is a regular musician at the Carlyle Hotel with his band on Monday evenings. He is also a fan of Uruguayan musician Alfredo Zitarrosa.

17. The secret of his name

Woody Allen was a big fan of jazz Titleist Woody Herman. He had thorough research on personal life, career, other facts about Woody Herman. Although Allen’s real name was Allen Stewart Konigsberg, he chose his artist’s name from his idol.

18. A skilled Multitasker

He’s well-known for writing, directing, and starring in most of his movies.

19. Travel for learning

Woody Allen is a big fan of the Italian city, Venice, and helped to lift funds for the reconstruction of the Venetian theatre, La Fenice, after it burnt down in a hearth. He is also a New York fan.

20. Self improvisation

From 1960 to 1969, he did a number of stand-up shows to increase his sense of humor. In 1965, he wrote “What’s New Bitcat?”

The film’s screenwriter entered the film line as a writer, which proved to be a disappointment.

21. The ball is rolling

In 1977, the progression of his career came with the romantic comedy movie “Annie Hall” starring Diane Keaton, making it a fashion trend with costumes wearing Diane Keaton.

22. Failure is the pillar of success

In 1986, his movie “Hannah and his Sisters” was released and garnered a huge collection of $ 40 million.

Later, a year after the success of “Hannah and her sisters,” she released ‘September,’ but it failed to raise only $ 486,484.

woody allen

23. Charge for Sexual abuse Allegations

Allen accused Dylan Farrow of molestation when he and Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter were 7 years old.

The attack is alleged to have taken place during a custody battle between the two following a relationship with Sun-E-Previn.

The charges were dropped when the judges did not provide any final results of the investigation.

24. Movie phobia?

Woody Allen refuses to observe any of his films as soon as they’ve been launched.

25. What if nothing goes right?

Woody Allen usually reshoots scenes and recasts characters if he feels he’s cast is not right.

26. Autograph, please

In 1979, the romantic comedy-drama movie “Manhattan”, where Woody Allen starred alongside, starred in the $ 39.9 million man-proved to be his biggest hit as a top man.

27. Daughter vs wife

Woody Allen appeared in the discussion when he dates and later marries his girlfriend Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-E-Previn. Followed by this incident, a 2-year-long custody battle took place and Farrow won children’s custody ownership.

28. Favorite movies

Purple Rose, Stardust Memories, Citizen Kane, The Bicycle Thief, The Grand Illusion, The Seventh Seal, and Match Point are some of the names of Allen’s favorite movies.

29. Awards and Achievements

Woody Allen has 24 Oscar nominations and has won 5 Oscars. He also won 9 BFTA awards and 2 Golden Globe awards.

Overall, he won 3 awards, more than Charlie Chaplin, Booster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.

Woody Allen was awarded the Directors Guild of America Lifetime Achievement Award and Cecil B. for his lifetime achievement. Has received the DeMille Award.

30. First Published jokes

Allen’s first published joke goes: “Woody Allen says he ate at a restaurant that had O.P.S. prices—over people’s salaries.”

31. “a treasure of the cinema”.

According to Critic Roger Ebert, Allen is “a treasure of the cinema”. Composer Mary Rodgers named him “genius”, while Bob Hope called him “half a genius”

32. Some of the famous works

  • Love and Death (1975)
  • Annie Hall (1977)
  • Manhattan (1979)
  • The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)
  • Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
  • King Lear (1987)
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)
  • Match Point (2005)
  • Home (2006)
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
  • Midnight in Paris (2011)
  • Blue Jasmine (2013)
  • Café Society (2016)
  • Rifkin’s Festival (2020)


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