37 Interesting Facts about Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso

37 Interesting Facts about Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Pablo Ruiz Picasso, one of the most influential and influential artists of the 20th century, there are many interesting facts about Pablo Picasso to know about. Pablo Picasso was a world-renowned and highly respected artist. Born in Spain, Picasso spent most of his life in France.

This article will give an overview of interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso. Co-founder of Cubism in the early 20th century, Picasso became the most known name in modern art, with the most distinctive style and eye for artistic creation.

Interesting facts about Pablo Picasso

Showing his talents from an early age, Picasso rocked the world in his first 50 years. To find out more, let’s read some interesting facts about this great artist Pablo Picasso.

1. Name of 23 words

This great artist’s real name contains 23 words, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso. He was baptized as’ Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Napomosino Maria de Los Remedios Cipriano de la Santacima Trinidad martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz e Picasso.

2. Congenitally considered as dead

When he was born, he was born permanently (the birth of a dead baby). His uncle, who was smoking a big cigar, swirled the smoke ring in the baby’s face to resurrect him. Picasso immediately responded with “a tune of compassion and anger.”

3. His first words

He was born as an artist. The first word in his life was “pies,” Lapis short, the Spanish word for ‘pencil’, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

4. Birth artist Fr.

Picasso’s father Don José Ruiz e Blasko was also an artist. He was a painter, art professor and museum curator.

5. Talent is idol

Not only was he a painter, but he was also a sculptor, stage designer, ceramicist, playwright, poet, and print writer.

6. First painting

When he was 9 years old, he painted his first painting, “Le Picador”, which depicts a man riding a bull in a bullfight.

7. His father realized that…

When Picasso was 13, his father gave up painting and realized that his son was already a better painter than him, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

8. Dislike general education

At 16, he was admitted to the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. He soon avoided it because he did not want to waste his time in formal education, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

9. Born in Spain but living in France

Picasso was born on October 18, 1881 in Malaga, Spain. After the death of his sister in 1885, his family moved to Barcelona. However, he spent most of his life in France.

10. Brilliant in reading

He was a talented student. He was older than his 5 or 6-year-old classmates, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso

11. 150 francs per month

Picasso got his first job by signing his first contract in Paris with Art dealer Per Menache, his monthly salary was 150 francs (about $ 750 today).

12. Answer the Nazi officer

When a Nazi officer saw his ‘work of garnis’, he asked Picasso, “You, who does this?” Then Picasso replied, “No, you did.”

13. Love for women

Picasso has had relationships with many women throughout his life. He was married twice and had four children with three women, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

14. High respect for Cézanne

Paul Cezanne was a French artist by whom Picasso and Matisse were inspired. Picasso always looked up to Sezan and always carried a pistol with a blank. He opened fire on the people who insulted Kazan.

15. Love for animals

Picasso has always loved animals. He had many pets, such as a turtle, a rat, a monkey and several dogs and cats.

16. Who Stole the Mona Lisa?

On May 23, when Picardo’s friend, poet Guillaume Aplinier, was identified as Picasso’s suspect, Picasso’s friend poet Guillaume Applinier was arrested when Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “Mona Lisa” was stolen from the Louvre. Both were later released because it was not proven.

17. Co-founder of the modern art movement

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque (126-6363) are considered as the inventors of the modern art movement called Cubism, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

Cubism revolutionized European sculpture and painting and inspired movements related to literature, music and architecture. However, French art critic Louis Voxelis coined the term ‘cubism’.

18. Picasso On Product

Picasso’s name has been used in a number of commercial products, such as perfume (Conagac Hennessy Picasso), cars (Citron Axara Picasso), and lighters (ST DuPont Picasso). Picasso’s successors constantly quarreled with intellectual property law regarding his name.

19. Picasso’s Blue and Rose Period

Picasso’s Blue was the period from 7 to 8 when Picasso worked on monochromatic paintings and used only blue or blue-green colors, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

Picasso’s Rose Period lasted between 1904 and 1906, during which period Picasso used orange and pink colors in his paintings.

interesting facts about pablo picasso

20. Picasso’s African Period

Picasso’s African Period is also known as the ‘Black Period’ or the ‘Negro Period’, which lasted three years from 6 to 9 years.

This time was depicted by African sculptures, and especially with traditional Tahitian African masks.

The film depicts five naked female prostitutes in a brothel at Barcelona’s Kerara D’Vinnie 3 (Avignon Street). The two images on the right are shown to be characterized as African masks.

21. A memorable shirt

Sometimes he wore an iconic white shirt that was part of the official French Navy uniform and had 21 horizontal blue lines representing each of Napoleon’s victories.

22. A Thinking About Artists

Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

23. More than 100,000 masterpieces

Throughout his life, Picasso has rendered nearly 147,800 pieces, including 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, 34,000 paintings and 300 sculptures and ceramics.

24. He was against the Nazis and the dictators

In fact, Picasso was against all forms of violence. He did not join the army for either party and country and did not take part in WWI, WWII and the Spanish Civil War.

He always condemned the Franco-Franco dictatorship in Spain, and expressed anger against Franco’s rule in his work, ‘Dreams and the Fury of Franco (1937)’.

25. Was he a Communist?

Yes! In fact, Picasso was a supporter of the communist form of government, not of Spain’s communist dictatorship, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

He always condemned all forms of dictatorship. In 1944, when Paris was liberated from the Nazis, he joined the French Communist Party.

26. Applying for French citizenship but denied

In 5, he applied for French citizenship but rejected his “extremist ideas on the development of communism”. This information was not released until May 2003.

27. Rewards from the Soviet Government

In 1948, Picasso joined the World Congress of Intellectuals in the Defense of Peace in Poland, and in 1950 he received the Stalin Peace Prize from the Soviet Government.

28. Friends become enemies

In the late sixties, Picasso ended his friendship with Picasso, his old friend, altruistic poet, and Stalinist André Breton, with joining the Communist Party.

He refused to join hands with Picasso and told him: “You will not join the Communist Party or accept the status quo. You have taken away the intellectuals after the liberation war.”

29. Domination in the industry

For almost 25 years Picasso has dominated modern European art. His friends always said that he was the best artist alive, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

30. His honor all over the world

In addition to automobiles, several schools, museums, and art galleries have been named after him.

In 1961, he was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize. Former US President Harry S. Truman met Picasso in France on a European tour in May.

31. Who was Fernandez Olivier?

Fernandez Olivier (1881–1966) was Picasso’s first long-term girlfriend and was the subject of many “Rose Period” paintings.

However, Picasso ended his relationship with her in 1912, leaving her unclean and with no claim to her fate.

32. Marriage is life after marriage

Picasso married his first wife, Ballerina Olga Khokhlova, on 8 May. His married life was in turmoil which led to divorce. However, Picasso did not divorce her so she could not acquire half of her wealth.

33. Rich artist at death

Picasso died at the age of 6 on 7 April Pic১৯. At the time of his death, he was the world’s richest artist, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso

34. Suicides and Insanity After Picasso

Two of Picasso’s six most important women in his life committed suicide and two went crazy.

Picasso was one of Picasso’s girlfriends in the 1930s and 1940s when Picasso left her to another woman, he broke down mentally and declared, “After Picasso, only God damn it.”

35. One of the most expensive in the world

Many of Picasso’s paintings are the most comprehensive ranking in the world. His “Garan la La Pipe” was auctioned for $ 4 million on May 27.

On May 4, his other paintings “Nude, Green Lives and Bust” were sold for $ 106.5 million by Christie. On May 27, his other masterpiece “Les Famous D’Alegara” was sold for $ 179 million.

36. The last word

His last words were “Drink me, drink for my health. You know I can’t drink anymore.”, which is one of the interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

37. Notable paintings

His most notable paintings are Saltimbancus Family, La Vie (The Life), Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler’s Portrait, Girl of a Mirror, Le Rev (The Dream), The Weeping Women, and many more.

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